Jiji Maa 5th November 2018 Written Update – Falguni Convinces Karma

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Lates Jiji Maa 5th November 2018 Written Update at doit dot pk. The Episode begins with Uttara saying Falguni won’t come here, Karma won’t let her span and Suyash will wed Piyali. Pandit requests that they get the lady of the hour. Niyati requests that Vidhaan handle here. Suyash figures where did Falguni go. Falguni chomps Karma’s hand and runs. He indignantly shoots in the air. Piyali gets content with Niyati causes her. She supposes Niyati can never swindle me, she adores me a considerable measure. Niyati attempts to postpone things. Karma searches for Falguni. Niyati consumes the dupatta deliberately. She says sorry, the dupatta got scorched by the press, I will mastermind another dupatta, don’t know where is Falguni, else she would have let me know. She goes. Karma gets Falguni at gunpoint. She says trust me, for what reason will I send goons to slaughter Piyali. He says I have heard it, goon has said this, you have send goons.

Jiji Maa 5th November 2018 Written Update
Jiji Maa 5th November 2018 Written Update

Jiji Maa 5th November 2018 Written Update

She says trust me, I didn’t do this, let me go. He chides her. She tosses soil in his eyes and flees. Karma focuses weapon at her once more. She gets stunned. Vidhaan discloses to Suyash that Falguni would have learnt truth and come whenever. Suyash supposes I m wedding just for this adoration, in the event that she thinks about my ailment, she will know why I m doing this marriage. Uttara stops Vidhaan. Suyash says I m wedding today and you need to stop me, I have overlooked Falguni, I have chosen to wed Piyali. Niyati thinks to stop Piyali. Piyali says you need the mahurat to go off. Niyati says indeed, we became acquainted with how you are coercing Suyash for marriage. Piyali says you don’t realize what Falguni did with me, she has sent goons to slaughter me.

Niyati says no, she respects you sister, she can’t do this, its your misconception. Karma says I m not having any misconception, perhaps I lost my Piyali, you need to kick the bucket now. Falguni says fine, murder me however simply hear me out once. Niyati says goons can mislead you, you got bamboozled. Piyali admonishes her for cheat. She says Karma won’t leave Falguni, he knows Falguni has sent goons to get me murdered. Niyati gets stunned. She calls Vidhaan and says Piyali is coming first floor, handle there, I m going to discover Falguni.

Falguni discloses to Karma how she got spared from goons. She says I would have slaughtered Piyali previously on the off chance that I needed, she is my sister, for what reason will I execute her, I simply need to stop Suyash’s marriage, I think its Uttara’s arrangement, she is utilizing Piyali, Suyash and Piyali would get hitched. Vidhaan attempts to postpone marriage. He requests that Suyash hold up until the point when Falguni comes. Suyash doesn’t tune in. Piyali wants marriage.

Falguni requests that Karma help her else shoot her. Karma says I will take you, would you be able to demonstrate that Piyali is there. She says indeed, we can call Niyati. Niyati gets the video call. She answers and sees Falguni with Karma. She asks are you fine, I was so stressed. Falguni asks her is Piyali at home. Niyati says Piyali is going to the mandap. She demonstrates Piyali on a video call. Falguni and Karma get stunned seeing Piyali sitting in mandap. Falguni requests that Niyati stop the marriage and reveal to Suyash that he got conned. The call separates. Uttara makes hireling put portable jammers.

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