Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2 today 22 Nov 18 Written Update – Archie Meeting Dolly

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Famous Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2 today 22 Nov 18 Written Update. The Episode begins with Archie meeting Dolly. She says Veer is leaving, I need to know the reason. Dolly says even Kedar has cleared out. Archie reveals to some arrangement and requests that Dolly encourages her. Dolly prevents the general population from taking Veer’s gear. She contends with the truck driver. Archie gets inside the truck. The driver pays cash to Dolly and sends her. Everybody stresses for Yash. Veer says Yash is no place in the royal residence. Maharani says we need to know whether Yash is sheltered, just Gauri can tell this. Gauri requests that Maharani take one parcel, on the off chance that its haldi kumkum inside, Yash is sheltered, on the off chance that she gets dark powder inside, at that point Kaal has done its work.

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2 today 22 Nov 18 Written Update
Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2 today 22 Nov 18 Written Update

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2 today 22 Nov 18 Written Update

Maharani picks a bundle and gets haldi kumkum in it. She yells Yash is protected, go and discover him. Everybody grins. Veer and Akshay endeavor to discover Yash. Dhol nagada plays. Yash’s photograph tumbles down. Everybody sees the mystery chamber opening. Yash turns out and yells I have finished 30 years, I m alive. He embraces Veer and chuckles. He says you have come Veer, see I m fine. He asks Rajmata for what good reason is she seeing this way, he is the primary ruler who finished 30 years, she ought to be upbeat. She says Rajguru said he will play dhol nagada when my terrible time closes, I m alive, we don’t have to get terrified of any revile now.

Maharani says we just got your garments on porch, we got so stressed. Yash says I m sorry, when Veer said he has seen executed precursors doing aarti with Kaal Bhairav, I was frightened and went inside this mystery chamber, I did everything purposefully, I didn’t wish to bite the dust, when dhol nagada played, I turned out, we ought to celebrate. Maharani says we will celebrate in night. She requests that Akshay request that individuals stop the music, and give them shagun for uplifting news. They go. Gauri says photograph breaking along these lines is anything but a decent sign for Yash. Akshay goes to pay the performers. He sees the entryway bolted. He sees numerous individuals playing music. He asks who are you, how could you go in, stop this dhol baaja. The light goes. Everybody vanishes. Lali shows up. A canine comes there. Akshay gets stunned. He blacks out in dread.

Archie gets down the truck. She sees Veer’s castle. She says it an incredibly huge inn, what’s Veer doing here. She sees Veer inside and yells to him. Protect stops her. She says my companion Veer is inside, I will go and meet him. Watch says you can’t go in. She says I m Archie, don’t stress, you won’t lose your activity. Head watch stops her. Yash prepares and says I m feeling cheerful, I have seen everybody living in dread, even you left from me Veer. Veer makes him prepared. Yash says everything got fine now, its not your mix-up, return home, I realize Archie is in Bhopal. Veer grins. Kashinath stops Archie. She attempts to get in and deceives him. He gets her lie and asks her to simply take off. Yash says I generally got the news about you. He gets out Kedar.

Veer gets amazed seeing his companion. Cedar says Yash…. Yash says Kedar is your main security administrator, he has enlightened me regarding Kaal Bhairav episode, he got you out of the precipice, I requested that him not reveal to you anything. Kedar apologizes to Veer. He says Yash requested that me not reveal to you anything. Veer says you faked fellowship to me. Yash says don’t consider it, Kedar revealed to me that you are avoiding Archie in light of this revile, now you can wed her here in this royal residence excellently.

Veer supposes I made her extremely upset, don’t know whether she needs to see my face. Archie stows away and gets in. Yash says we will do the aarti in Kaal Bhairav sanctuary, Veer we will have a sword battle tomorrow. Veer concurs. Archie gets captured. Watch says this young lady is a cheat. Kashinath says so you were endeavoring to get inside the royal residence. Archie says hear me out, I m not a hoodlum.

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