Karn Sangini 2 November 2018 Written Update – Uruvi Is Imprisoned

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Indian Karn Sangini 2 November 2018 Written Update check it at doit dot pk. Vaidya treats Karn and advises Duryodhan that Karn is assaulted with a toxic substance spread blade, Karn endured it, else others proved unable. Duryodhan requests to bring Uruvi and Bhanumati. Shakuni proposes him to recollect that Bhanumati is his better half and Uruvi is the person who endeavored to escape her. Arjun on the opposite side achieves Uruvi’s room and discovers poison bowl there. Bhanumati and Uruvi are conveyed to Duryodhan. Duryodhan stands up to that Uruvi completed a transgression by endeavoring to escape Bhanumati. Uruvi says he completed a transgression by commandingly grabbing her. Duryodhan furiously attempts to slap her, yet Karn stops him. He reveals to Uruvi that she will be rebuffed tomorrow in the illustrious lobby. Shakuni says they can’t excuse anybody attempting to ruin their poise.

Karn Sangini 2 November 2018 Written Update
Karn Sangini 2 November 2018 Written Update

Karn Sangini 2 November 2018 Written Update

Duryodhan requests that Karn toss Uruvi in mystery imprison till she is rebuffed tomorrow. Karn takes Uruvi to imprison. Uruvi says she didn’t intend to hurt him and apologizes. Karn says she battled for her side and he battled for her companion, warriors don’t apologize to one another, yet regard one another. He secures her correctional facility and clears out. Somebody advises Bhanumati that Duryodhan has kept Uruvi in his mystery imprison till she is rebuffed tomorrow morning. Karn comes back to Duryodhan.

Duryodhan requests to keep keys with him and get Uruvi himself rajsabha tomorrow. Karn returns keys and says he will take it early in the day. Housekeeper educates Duryodhan that Bhanumati needs to meet him. He strolls to her room. She says she is prepared to submit herself in the event that he liberates Uruvi. He says she called him for this, he won’t move for her dramatization, she will submit herself to him a few or another day. She incites him that it is an affront to Kaurav family that their senior child can’t fulfill his better half, dropping her pallu. Duryodhan strolls to her and lifts her. She brings keys and tosses it down. Servant picks it and strolls to Arjun and advises she knows where Uruvi it.

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