Karn Sangini 7 December 2018 Written Update – Uruvi Waits For Karn

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Karn asks Radha for what good reason her hair are open, he didn’t see her like this previously. Radha thinks back taking pledge not to mesh her hair until the point when she satisfies her guarantee, says she supplicated god for something. Karn says she probably appealed to God for him. In Pukheya, Uruvi expresses gratitude toward her folks for tolerating her and Karn’s coalition. Karn climbs bluff and expanding his hands towards sun/Surya implores surya to give him solidarity to satisfy guarantee made to his mom. Next morning, Karn prepares for Uruvi’s swayamwar. Radha favors him and requests to return just for winning Uruvi, she will mastermind to welcome lady of the hour and his royal celebration function. He leaves. Radha thinks back Shubhra offending her and she taking vow to make Uruvi a soothni.

Karn Sangini 7 December 2018 Written Update
Karn Sangini 7 December 2018 Written Update

Karn Sangini 7 December 2018 Written Update

Uruvi’s swayamwar begins. Lords and sovereigns stroll in, and monitors present them. Uruvi enthusiastically sits tight for Karn. Her servants insult that Karn has entered. Uruvi gets energized. Karn heads towards Pukeya on his truck and requests that charioteer accelerate. Charioteer says they nearly came to Pukeya outskirt. Shubhra thinks karn will never reach there and thinks back employing an old woman to stop Karn. Karn stops chariot seeing old woman on ground, strolls to her and asks what occurred. Old woman says she needs to drench her child’s fiery remains into stream, if Karn can help her achieve waterway. Karn supposes he needs to reach Pukeya soon, however consents to encourage old woman and takes her on chariot. Old woman thinks Karn won’t reach Pukeya and ruler Shubhra will win.

Uruvi rejects all ruler and princess. They all caution Uruvi’s dad that he offended them by calling him here and her girl dismissing them, they will slaughter him. Shubhra acts and argues Uruvi to acknowledge some lord or ruler as Karn won’t return. Uruvi implores ruler Krishna for help. Krishna masked as cowherd stops Karn’s chariot and says this woman remained in his cottage and traded her child’s cinders with his spread pot unintentionally. Woman says it is fiery remains pot. Krishna opens pot mightily and indicates spread. Woman stands stunned. Krishna asks Karn to achieve his predetermination and let him take woman to her fate and offers him horse. Karn rides horse.

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