Karn Sangini 7 December 2018 Written Update

Karn Sangini 9 November 2018 Written Update – Karn Promise

Written update: Karn Sangini 9 November 2018 Written Update at doit. In today episode, Uruvi enthusiastically sits tight for Karn close lake. Karn enters. Moon vanishes. Uruvi says he couldn’t satisfy his guarantee before moon set. Karn says moon is covered up under mists and will return. Uruvi says given us a chance to see and requests that he sit till moon returns. He sits quietly. She supposes he doesn’t talk by any stretch of the imagination, she needs to begin. She inquires as to whether Bhanumati gave him precious stone simply like that. Karn says yes. She supposes just yes.. says he rides chariot well, even she does and won rivalry in her area, does he know. He says no. She says it is extremely cool here. He says hmm..She thinks just gee.. She takes a gander at shawl. He wraps shawl over her.

Karn Sangini 9 November 2018 Written Update
Karn Sangini 9 November 2018 Written Update

Karn Sangini 9 November 2018 Written Update

Karn sits quietly again and drinks water from water b ag. Uruvi supposes he is drinking alone and did not ask her by any stretch of the imagination. He is sorry her for completing entire water and inquires as to whether she will have water. She gestures yes. He fills water and offers it to her. Moon returns. Uruvi recollects ladies’ proposal to drink water when moon beams fall on water, her desire will be satisfied. Karn says he told moon will return and blessings her precious stone saying he satisfied his guarantee. He at that point leaves while Uruvi supposes she didn’t talk appropriately yet and he is clearing out. He stops and says it is extremely dull and she should come back to royal residence mind him. Her dupatta stalls out. he liberates it and strolls in front.

Uruvi and Karn achieve royal residence. He approaches in the event that she took this precious stone for her companion Arjun when they will battle, even 100s of these jewels won’t secure Arjun. Uru’s mom sees them together and thinks back guruji saying Uruvi will have either simple life or intense one, supposes she won’t let Uruvi choose her future. In Hastinapur, Duryodhan exhaust before Bhanumati that Karn’s dad kept illegal request and made him charioteer for multi-week, Arjun abused it and accepting Karn as charioteer to Pukey.

Bhanumati says she is concerned if Arjun will hurt Karn. Duryodhan says Karn won’t stay silent and will answer. Karn does Surya namaskar toward the beginning of the day when he hears a lady crying. He asks her reason. She says she needs to do pooja for her child, however can’t with harmed leg. Karn causes her to perform pooja. Uru’s mom watches that from the gallery and thinks Karn is extraordinary human and demonstrated he is Kunti’s child, however, he isn’t blessed like Kunti’s other’s children, so he can’t wed Uruvi.

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