Kasautii Zindagii Kay 22 November 2018 Written Update

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 7 November 2018 Written Update – Meet Basu Family

Written Update: Kasautii Zindagii Kay 7 November 2018 Written Update at doit. The Episode begins with Anurag inquiring as to for what reason are you wedding Navin. Prerna says I m vulnerable in light of the fact that He asks are you powerless, why, let me know, what’s the issue. She says simply avoid it. He says you need to let me know. She says it’s my life, my decision. He says I have chosen this that I will disregard you in the event that you don’t get persuaded, I know you are defenseless, I won’t be given you a chance to do this, I swear I will bolster you, you can hold my hand, kindly don’t surrender, life is delightful, give it a possibility, I will dependably bolster you regardless of whether Navin is there in your life or not, I will dependably be with you.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 7 November 2018 Written Update
Kasautii Zindagii Kay 7 November 2018 Written Update

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 7 November 2018 Written Update

He goes. She cries and says for what reason are you so great, I would have finished this connection long time back on the off chance that I could, however my affection for my family is more noteworthy than my sense of pride, I will battle till the end, I will attempt my best. She considers if Anurag can battle for me, wouldn’t I be able to battle for myself. She turns out in the overhang. Anurag sees her. Pehle Ke jaisa .plays… He leaves in his auto. Anupam says I m twofold rich as Nivedita is mine. Navin asks by what means will I inspire Prerna, I feel Anurag likes her. Anupam says I think they both like one another. Navin says if Prerna succumbs to him. Anupam says it implies you need to contend with Anurag. Navin says I need to win somehow. Anupam requests that he turned out to be youthful and fiery.

Navin approaches what prescriptions should I take for that. Anupam says who wears Kurta, simply wear shirts and goggles. Navin strolls and moves to demonstrate him. Anupam giggles. Navin says I m capable and nice looking. Anupam says you have a misguided judgment, I figure Prerna will like legend look. Navin says I m prepared to do anything for her. Anurag is en route. He searches for the charger. He gets a tape and reviews Prerna. Prerna gets the rose. She reviews Anurag and sees the ring. Anurag thinks Prerna is difficult, I will uncover Navin on Diwali, Ram will prevail upon Raavan. Its morning, Prerna requests Shekhar. Suman helps Veena. She goes to wake up Shivani. Prerna comes to converse with Shekhar. She requests that he give his wage slips and financial balance proclamation.

He asks do you have some work. She says I was applying for individual advancement. He says records are prepared with me, for what reason are you all of a sudden asking this, Navin is helping us as of now. She says on the off chance that I land a position, it will be anything but difficult to apply for credit, I might want to reimburse the advance, even father wouldn’t care for Navin to get included, his dignity would be harmed. He says you have grown up, go and take the document. He checks the record once. She calls Sid and approaches him to send the archives for preparing soon. She expresses gratitude toward him. Suman comes and chances upon her. Suman picks the papers. Prerna says I m applying for individual credit by his reports. Suman asks do you have any hostility with Shekhar, we don’t wish Shekhar to get harried.

She admonishes Prerna. She says you can’t put the load on him. Shekhar requests that her not get in the middle. Prerna says its fine, I will reimburse the advance. Suman says you will get hitched and go, better not make false guarantees. She gets yelling. Prerna says its alright, I will make different game plans. She goes. Anupam acclaims Nivedita. She requests that him not attempt to inspire him. She says you were gazing at Komolika that day. He says she is the one worth gazing, is she going to this gathering. She requests that he get dressed legitimately. He says I m not all that awful. She says you are so awful. He says I should gaze at some outside, not Prerna, I would prefer not to squander my time, as of now there is much rivalry going on, Anurag versus Navin. Moloy wishes upbeat Diwali and gives a rose to Mohini. She asks what’s this. He requests that Anurag encourages him, what’s this.

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