Kawach 23rd June 2019 Written Episode Update – Angad Feels Pain

Written Update: Kawach 23rd June 2019 Written Episode Update on doit.pk

Usha faculties something isn’t right and thinks to call Pandit ji. The head of Pandit ji draws close to the trishul and sees his Shishya executed. Usha inquires as to whether the phantoms are the hostage. Pandit ji says yes and says marriage will occur. The woman apparition turns out from him and executes him. Angad fills her maang with sindoor. Sandhya gets weepy eyes. Pandit ji requests that they get up and says marriage is finished.

He requests that everybody favor them. Everybody shower blossom petals on them. Angad kisses on Sandhya’s brow. Sandhya is perched on the bed. Archana and different young ladies come there. They bother her. Suman requests that she read wedding night rules. Sandhya says I won’t right. Ruhi and Suman ask him to compose. Suman requests that she compose and determines what to compose. Karthik, Ankit, and others bother Angad.

Kawach 23rd June 2019

Angad requests that they go. He comes to the room and calls Sandhya. He discovers her letter with rose on it. He picks the bloom and peruses the letter. He grins. Abruptly the letter begins igniting with flame and power gleams. He sees Kapil’s apparition there. Angad asks how could you come here? Kapil says he is certifiably not a human who can be hostage and says I am the air which no one can get. He says what do you believe that you could remain with Sandhya.

Angad assaults him. Kapil says assaults him and I am the spirit, what do you believe that you can get me. He says you got hitched as I let you to wed. He makes him tumble down. Angad asks what do you need? Kapil says Sandhya and says she is in my spirit. Angad asks him not to take her name. Angad feels torment because of Kapil’s assault. Kapil says you have a decent body, yet I don’t have the foggiest idea so what to do.

Angad requests that he go and says I am stating this for last time. He says she is wearing my name sindoor and mangalsutra and wedded me. Kapil says the body is yours, yet the soul is mine. He strolls towards Angad. Angad says you can’t do this. Kapil says I have done it and enters inside Angad. He says we are one now, and says outside is you and I am inside. Angad says you can’t get her as she is having her mangalsultra. Kapil says she has kawach, however not you. Kapil says you can’t prevent me from doing what I need. Angad falls on the ground. Kapil looks on with his red eyes from Angad’s body.

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