Do you know that Akshay Kumar was Sexually abused at age 6?

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In recent address to Women’s Safety seminar, Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar showed his interest to talk openly on Communication between parents and children, he told about himself that he was sexually abused at the age of 6 and that hurting trauma still prevails in him.

Do you know that Akshay Kumar was Sexually abused at age 6.
Do you know that Akshay Kumar was Sexually abused at age 6.

It still haunts him inside whenever he talk about such topics on different forums. Not only media but Bollywood industry is also in shock, Rustom actor surprised everyone after this stupor comments on women’s safety seminar.

“When I was a child, my parents always encouraged me to speak to them frankly about everything. Whether it was discussing a sexual issue or inappropriate behavior, I was asked to come home and talk frankly,” he said.

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He said that he was one day on a way to neighbor’s house at age 6 when lift man touched his butt, he told everything about this frankly to his father and his father filed a police complaint, Investigations later revealed that the lift man was histroy-sheeter, he was arrested. He forced Parents to cultivate a healthy atmosphere between Child and parents where child can openly say everything with confidence.

He also told that he was a shy kid and that is the reason he mostly used to hesitate when talking to his parents, even today he is unable to speak word “bum”. Today we have a world of modern values enriched with justice and loyalty filled with facilities and rules so today’s world is just like an open book and now Parents are more conscious about their relationship as compared to 50 years ago.

Confirming about his statement, he also told that Kalki Koechlin was also a victim of child abuse, as she spoke up few years ago in her address on the same topic.

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