Kumkum Bhagya 23 October 2018 Written Update – Neha And Tarun Engagement

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Written Update: Kumkum Bhagya 23 October 2018 Written Update. The scene begins when Tannu goes to the room and questions what Aaliyah why she doesn’t endeavor to take care of the issue. Aaliyah asks what Tannu wish; on the off chance that she should disclose to Abhi that she can’t help contradicting this wedding, or she is miserable with his and Pragya’s connection. Tannu was anxious about the possibility that until the point when Neha and Tarun’s wedding finishes, Abhi and Pragya may return to their past. Aaliya says she needs some an opportunity to think for some arrangement. Mitali goes to the room and says they should stop Neha and Tarun’s wedding, in any case, to fend off Abhi and Pragya from one another. Mitali censures Tannu for leaving Abhi free and draw nearer to Pragya. Aaliya additionally points the finger at Mitali. Mitali illuminates that their adoration never let them separated, they just required an encounter and drew nearer again.

Kumkum Bhagya 23 October 2018 Written Update
Kumkum Bhagya 23 October 2018 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 23 October 2018 Written Update

Aaliya says it’s past the point of no return for the wedding to delay. Mitali says she will without a doubt exact retribution them for being defenseless when she needs them. Dadi was glad to see Pammi welcome the visitors. Pragya and King touch base at the wedding and were invited. Dadi apologizes King from Mitali’s side. Lord says imprison couldn’t be a superior place to get at some point for himself too. Dadi values his unmistakable heartedness and takes him for Bhangra. Pragya asks Pammi how is Mitali, in the event that she will come to commitment? Pammi says she could persuade her to go to the commitment.

Pragya checks out the lobby. The ruler was amped up for going to his first Indian wedding. Pragya glances around and gets some information about Disha at that point goes to search for her. Lord accepts a leave from women as he needs to address Pragya. Dadi Masi attempts to stop him yet he doesn’t. Pragya remained on the stairs being nostalgic of the days when she composed every one of the capacities in this family. She feels peace at whatever point she comes here, and it appears times are still. Aaliya strolls close to Pragya and says she won’t pick up anything reviewing the past. Pragya says until the point when Aaliya is here, she knows nothing would change. She wishes Aaliya gets little love in her life, with the goal that she can dispose of her scorn. She will meet Disha.

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