What in Link Equity Impact of Link Equity on your website

What in Link Equity? Impact of Link Equity on your website

Link equity know as “link Juice” defines a degree of value and authority passes from one page to another. This authority or value is based upon different factors such as HTTP status, page authority and relevance of your content. This is the major reason due to which search engines determine page ranking in SERPs.

What in Link Equity? Impact of Link Equity on your website
What in Link Equity? Impact of Link Equity on your website

Difference between Link equity and PageRank:

When we think about Link equity, PageRank is the biggest element that is calculated on Google’s algorithm, as we all know that PageRank was basically developed by Larry Page and it’s importance in last decay can never be neglected however in last few years it has no importance especially in SEO, we all know that there was high importance of high page rank websites and people were crazy going after these websites but now strategies have been changed, you don’t need to create backlinks on high PR websites, you can even create backlink on N/A page but remember that there shouldn’t be a spammer before your link and your neighbor links must not be related to medicine, adult, casino and gambling related websites.

Correlation of PageRank and MozRank is interdependent, primary parameters to calculate MozRank are same as of Google PageRank but the impact of PageRank as mentioned earlier has no longer influence as it is the only one factor of Google’s hundreds factors. Google likes quality these days so it is important for you to go for quality writing and quality linking. The power passes from one link to another is usually comes under the definition of link equity however if a website has authoritative page and includes a link of same website, it gives a hint to search engines that authority or power is passing to linked page.

Link Equity is passed by both internal and external links, few considerations are important when you calculate whether a link will pass equity.

  • Relevancy of Link: Content where your link is submitted must be relevant otherwise Google will not value your content and authority derived from that page would also be low.
  • Link must be Followed: As we all know nofollow links drive a message to crawler “not to follow” therefore these links don’t have any link equity.If you don’t know about the difference between nofollow and dofollow then click here to read our article in detail.
  • Linking site should be authoritative: It’s the most important factor to build your website’s domain authority and page authority but your linking website must be authoritative.
  • Crawlable Link: Link should be crawlable in search engine so check your robots.txt file for crawl setting, if page is blocked here then it will never be crawled in any search engine.
  •  Location of the Link: Most important factor that we must calculate is to check the location of link whether it is placed on footer, head or somewhere else, if you are placing a link with in the content, it would definitely do magical work for you.
  • HTTP status of the Linked Page: Google will never change the link equity of permanent 301 redirects r 200s, we know Google will treat all redirects in same way without changing link equity but other search engines will not treat in a same way.
  • Number of Links: If the link pointing to your website is one of the hundreds or thousands link, may not have value, but there is no rule to check optimal level of links,choose high DA websites, that would work fine for you.

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