List of Coal Power Plants in Pakistan

Demand of electricity is increasing world wide and that’s why developed countries are thinking about thermal energy & solar power system. Pakistan is facing too many power shortage due to high demand in country and lower production of power. Natural gas have less quantity and petrol, furnace oil is a costly fuel for power production. Pakistan is now investing in coal power system which is good, reliable as well. Now each country can make cheap power with coal power system. You have to keep in mind about the incident of NTPC Power Plant India. Check out a List of Coal Power Plants in Pakistan which is currently operational and also check upcoming Coal Power Plants in Pakistan with their power capacity. With a private survey by “International Energy Agency” electricity demand of the country will be 49078 MW in Year 2025. Don’t forgot to check a list of top companies in Karachi Pakistan. Good news for students, Bhikki Power Plant is now in operational condition, you may find Bhikki Power Plant (225 MW) jobs through their official website.

List of Coal Power Plants in Pakistan
List of Coal Power Plants in Pakistan

List of Coal Power Plants in Pakistan

  1. Sahiwal Coal Power Plant (1320 MW) operational since May 2017.
  2. Sitara Chemical Industries Ltd Faisalabad (40 MW) Operational since September 2016.
  3. FFBL Power Company Limited (118 MW) operational since February 2017.
  4. Lakhra Coal Power Station Jamshoro, Sindh (150 MW) in Operational Condition.
  5. Maple Leaf Power Ltd Mianwali (40 MW) Operational since October 2017.
  6. Fatima Energy Limited Punjab (120 MW)
  7. DG Cement Coal Power Project (30 MW) Operational since December 2017.
  8. Port Qasim Coal Power Project Karachi (1320 MW) Operational since November 2017.

List of Coal Power Plants (Under Constructions or proposed)

  • KCP Complex Coal Power Plant Khushab, Punjab 50 MW.
  • K-Electric Coal Power Plant Karachi, Sindh 700 MW.
  • Sindh Engro Coal Power Project Thar Coal Block II Tharparkar, Sindh 1320 MW.
  • Hub Coal Power Project Hub, Balochistan 1320 MW.
  • Siddiqsons Energy Ltd Tharparkar, Sindh 330 MW.
  • Etihad Power Generation Limited (70 MW).
  • Lucky Electric Power Karachi, Sindh 660 MW.
  • ThalNova Power Pvt Ltd Tharparkar, Sindh 330 MW.
  • Thar Energy Ltd Tharparkar, Sindh 330 MW.
  • Gwadar Coal Power Project Gwadar, Balochistan 300 MW.
  • Oracle Coalfields PLC Tharparkar, Sindh 1320 MW.

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