Losing Website Traffic?

Losing Website Traffic?

After recent updation of Google Penguin, Panda and Humming bird strategies, most of the web-masters residing in India and Pakistan might be thinking of Google Adsense alternatives because of their content and keywords getting penalized on each day. We all know that After effects of Spamming are crucial for a website that is most likely by online users. Random strategies cause a major reason of your diminishing traffic with black hat SEO strategies. Are you still losing website traffic? then spend few minutes on that website and collect useful information about site optimization

Losing Website Traffic?
Losing Website Traffic?

I know when i do following steps:

  • I registered a name of my website
  • I paid to hosting website
  • Updated my content every day
  • Oh ! I’m losing website traffic?

Fourth point is really painful because my computer don’t have this button to boost my website traffic.

What strategies should i adopt to boost my traffic?

It is the most proper question to quench your thirst of getting more traffic. First of all, if you are a blogger then never stop writing quality content on daily bases whether your blog contains, fashion or health related content, essays, education, schools level content, buying or selling materials, or your blog contains entertainment content, all you have is to wake up and make your blog healthy by posting on daily bases which give you a good weight-age by search engine.

Please don’t use short cuts to get traffic

Avoid to purchase anything from marketing companies who usually like to sell backlinks, content, facebook and instagram likes, youtube video views or something related to this because it is a junky traffic, once you buy such traffic, you get nothing because you don’t find a real person behind either liking your content or viewing your video. These are the tricks to make you fool and making you so greedy that you even forget that you are also paying them a huge amount.

Avoid spamming strategies and always try to find quality dofollow websites that help you to boost your keyword in Google. Adwords or Facebook ads traffic is costly but may help you to get more traffic in quick time. Check your domain authority and hosting which also may cause a burden on your website. Slow hosting is disliked by Google. The more OBL is higher, the lesser your keyword get response from Google. Banned boots crawling your website may reflect a bad image of your website. Avoid copied content or selling material.

What to do then?
You may follow few things in order to get real traffic. Your genuine fb and Google+ likes may help you better to make a worth of your website. If content is posted on daily bases, Crawlers give a high percentage to your domain and thus it helps you to get first position on Google’s first page. Content on blogspot dot com or free article submission website helps you to boost your traffic. Your real video posted on You-tube or daily-motion helps you to redirect that traffic on your blog. Link building on forums or blogs is free and most powerful source of getting your niche keywords at top of the page in Google or Bing without wasting your money.It is key to success if you are using proper SEO strategies for your website.

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