Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 25 October 2018 Written Update – Rama Brings Satya

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Famous Indian Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 25 October 2018 Written Update. Satya achieves Samar’s home. Family energetically inquires as to whether she brought her little girl Jaya. She says she brought their child Samar rather and calls Samar. Samar escapes auto with unstable stride. Vijay encourages him. Satya says Samar was captured by police in a beverage and drive case and she got him safeguarded and brought him here. She says she is stressed for her little girl seeing Samar’s liquor abuse and requests that they repair their child. She exits. Rama stands humiliated. Dadaji sees Samar’s condition.

Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 25 October 2018 Written Update
Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 25 October 2018 Written Update

Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 25 October 2018 Written Update

Satya achieves home. Jaya unwinds and says thank god they came, asks where is Samar. Satya says she exited him at his folks home and cautioned his folks to show him some Zanskar as she doesn’t need her little girl to endure by means of a heavy drinker. Jaya says her mom is in every case right, she is persuaded with her perspectives. Samar gets up early in the day and understands his oversight. He strolls down and attempts to address Dadaji, however, he overlooks. Every relative disregards him. He at that point goes to Rama and apologizes. Rama says he ought not to apologize her and ought to apologize whom he offended.

She takes him to Satya’s home and says she brought their offender and they ought to excuse him for his wrongdoings. Samar apologizes Satya for disturbing her and guarantees to never get intoxicated again. Satya says he acknowledged his misstep and needs to redress himself, that is the huge thing. He at that point apologizes Jaya. Jaya says that is alright. He at that point apologizes Rama to placing her in humiliated circumstance. Naani brings Jaya’s pink pack. Rama leaves with Samar and Jaya.

Surana family talks about where Rama took Samar. Rama brings Samar home and says she took him to apologize Jaya and Satya as he is their guilty party first. They inquire as to why. Jaya strolls in with Samar holding her bag. Family rejoices and Chachi says great she returned before teej. Samar says he understood his oversight and will never rehash it. Lallan says even he understood his error. Jaya leaves with Samar holding bag. Jyoti asks for Chachi to get her comparative bag. Chachi jokes never, that bag does not remain at the same place. Entire family chuckles.

Samar strolls into stay with Jaya and addresses bag not to leave once more. Jaya asks what’s happening with him. Samar says if the bag does not go, even Jaya won’t. He apologizes Jaya says yesterday he apologized for her intoxicated, now he is apologizing in full detects. Jaya sincerely embraces him. Marhami said… .tune… plays out of sight.

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