Monday , 16 September 2019

How to Make Coffee in 5 Minutes?

We all knew that, coffee is one of the important & major part of morning for people around the world. Every house wife likes to make a perfect cup of coffee for their special one at home. Now you may learn how to make coffee in 5 minutes? at home. Anyone can make instant coffee at home by using boiled water with instant coffee which is available in local market.

How to Make Coffee in 5 Minutes?
How to Make Coffee in 5 Minutes?

How to Make Coffee in 5 Minutes?

  • Place 1 or 2 tea spoons of instant coffee.
  • If desired, then add one or two tea spoons of sugar.
  • Get 250 ml boiling water & pour it.
  • Stir it ad long as whole coffee combined into a mixer.
  • Now add some creamer or milk if desired.

Basic Ingredients Required?

  1. 250 milliliters boiled hot water.
  2. Instant coffee, one or two tea spoons.
  3. Desired Sugar (optional).
  4. Milk or Creamer (If Desired).
  5. Cocoa, spices, or vanilla extract (Optional).

That method is suitable for Basic Instant Coffee purpose only, if you want to make an iced or blended coffee then don’t use that method. For Basic Instant Coffee, this method is perfect one, with that method you may save your time, energy etc.

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