Make Money Online with a Blog

Make Money Online with a Blog

If someone asks, How do you make money with a blog or how to Make Money Online with a Blog? Answers come in our mind but with improper solution. Here, I have tried my level best to nurture with a suitable answer that will provide a perfect solution to overcome this issue. Making blog is not a big thing at all because you can make any blog by installing a wordpress with free theme on your server; your site would be ready in almost 15 minutes. Millions of websites are banned and many of them shut their business forever so question is how can we survive in this competition?

Make Money Online with a Blog
Make Money Online with a Blog

Internet is a vast jungle, it is, therefore, really important for you to make a suitable blog with SEO enabled plugin. SEO plugin will quickly rank your content in Google without doing any SEO or back linking strategy. You must avoid duplicate content or copied content of some other websites because it will harm your ranking in search engines. Please go through below mentioned detail that will suit your requirements.

What kind of skills do you need?

  • Creative Writing/Content Writing
  • Know-how with SEO
  • Back linking or Blog commenting
  • Mobile Apps Development
  • Ability to make deep links

Blogs whether it is made for free on blogger dot com or a paid custom domain title with own hosting, also require a lot of energy to impose through your words. You words must justify your own ability of communication or at least must covey your message through your own tone. Free blogs will also help you to earn because Google likes its own blog more than others, but your ads money would neither be smart enough to pay you back nor give you an opportunity to earn for longer time period. I would recommend, rather than making free blogspot, try to purchase your own custom domain and start your work without any delay. Once you got your name among best writers with huge traffic then follow these points for making money with your blog.

Ads that pay you back on your blog traffic.

  • Google Adsense
  • Buysell ads
  • Ads Terra
  • Adhitz
  • Info Links
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Fixed banners
  • Ads Links
  • Yahoo Ads
  • Taboola Ads
  • Adsterra Ads
  • Clicksor Ads
  • Propeller Ads

You can start your own blog with your own niche which may define your field of interest. Make money through your own blog and join one of the secured businesses online without paying too much attention to your work. Now you are the boss of your own.

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