Menopause vitamins supplements

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It is considered that the menopause vitamins have onside effects and no illness. If you subscribe to the point of view currently kept by the conventional medical profession, you’d be forgiven for thinking it was. Women don’t experience the menopause vitamins as medical intervention. Many of them do not suffer the physical as well as emotional symptoms that women in the West are programmed to accept as inevitable. In our social club the stress of the menopause is one of loss. Women are programmed to dwell on loss- the loss to create life, the psychological loss of hormones and periods with empty-nest syndrome. In some societies, this time in a woman’s life is considered as a gain, a time of great maturity and wisdom. A time when the emphasis transformations away from doing the tasks, working in the field, to the role of lawgiver and counselor to younger couples, where maturity and experience create a significant and valuable share to the family and smart set.

Menopause vitamins supplements
Menopause vitamins supplements

Each adult female has a supply of eggs (roughly 2 million) from the moment she is born and over the years they are used up and die off. She at last passes on a certain age when there simply is not any more. What the body does then to try to get that woman to ovulate is to secrete the hormone FSH. This endocrine is released every calendar month in a normal cycle but during the menopause, a woman’s body registered that ovulation is not taking place, thence even more.

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The interesting thing about menopause vitamins is that as the ovaries decline their production of estrogen, nature has something else up her sleeve. We are also able to produce a pattern of estrogen (visited Estronol) from our adrenal in order to indemnify for the declivity from the ovaries. We as well produce estrogen from fat cells, thus being ultra-slim will not have health welfares in the long run, particularly if you are going through menopause. Adipose is not the answer, either, but from an estrogen-production point of view, you are better off being slightly overweight than slim.

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