Mere Sai 1st August 2018 Episode Written Update

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Check out Mere Sai 1st August 2018 Episode Written Update online. Tulsa misleads Mhalsapati that she stopped by bullock truck and after that by walk. Mhalsapati says in what capacity can your significant other let you go. Tulsa says he requesting that I go. Mhalsapati inquires as to whether all is well. Tulsa says don’t have the foggiest idea. Parvati asks what occurred in your sasural. Tulsa says he instructed me to go to my Dada’s home, in Shirdi. She cries. Mhalsapati and Parvati feel terrible. He says something isn’t right. Parvati says she will bring down her heart subsequent to crying, at that point she can converse with us. Mhalsapati says yes. Sai came to get bhiksha. Amrapali is seen and she contends with the fowls merchant and purchases winged creatures. Flying creatures merchant asks what she will do and where she will keep the feathered creatures. She says she will keep them where they need to remain. Her dad comes and reprimands her. Amrapali holes up behind Sai. Her dad requests that she turn out and pulls her ears. A kid comes to Amrapali and inquires as to whether she got a feathered creature.

Mere Sai 1st August 2018 Episode Written Update

Her dad discloses to Sai that he doesn’t think about his neighbors, however, his little girl made numerous companions. Sai enlightens them concerning a tyke’s trip from purity to development. Man requests that Amrapali not go. Amrapali says she needs to free the winged creatures at the soonest. Sai tells the man that he will run with the children and requests that he does his work. Keshav checks Kulkarni’s weapon and inquires as to whether he at any point utilized it. He reveals to him that he played with it like playing with the toy and focused on numerous fowls. Kulkarni says he is clowning. Rukmini gets strained. Keshav says he isn’t kidding and requests that he test his point. Kulkarni calls Anta and Banta and requests that they remain with orange on their head.

He at that point stops them and says a few seconds ago the Narmada wiped the floor. Keshav says gives up out and target. Sai is running with Amrapali and the kid to free the feathered creatures. Malhari brightens up Tulsa and stimulates her. She chuckles and keeps running behind him. The villagers discover her conduct bizarre. Malhari runs and requests that she catch him. A villager salvages Malhari from getting hit by bullock truck. Tulsa reprimands the man and gets crazy. Lady recognizes her and discloses to Mhalsapati that her child is unwell since she poured water on her child close to the well. Tulsa requests that the lady take her there and apologizes. Mhalsapati apologizes and says she is his sister.

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