Mideast Quartet expresses concern over Jerusalem violence

Massacre & bloodshed in Jerusalem still horrifying Muslim Community as battle has not ended till to date, so man horrific incidents of child mass murder and women’s disrespect has been enrolled due to Muslim’s outrage in few days.

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As per news updates, The Middle East diplomatic quartet has finally expressed concern Saturday about escalating violence in Jerusalem and called on all sides to “demonstrate maximum restraint.” which is no doubt a small step to do after when incidents are happened but a sigh to relief the pain as Quartet comprises of United Nations, European Union, Russia and United States, as we know that supportive behavior of Russia, China, Japan and Pakistan may help to Jerusalem incidents but role of two face nation like UK and USA would probably be against our brothers and sisters.

Mideast Quartet expresses concern over Jerusalem violence

Mideast Quartet expresses concern over Jerusalem violence

The envoys of the four “strongly condemn acts of terror, express their regret for all loss of innocent life caused by the violence, and hope for a speedy recovery to the wounded,” the Quartet said in a joint statement. “The Quartet Envoys call on all to demonstrate maximum restraint, refrain from provocative actions and work towards de-escalating the situation,” it added.

As per new reports, two Palestinians died at the sport with clashes to Israeli forces here on Saturday as fully armed forced step forward towards attacker’s home, violence emerged between these two bellicose opponents.

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Media reports tells that 19 years old Palestinian killed three new settlers in the occupied West Bank while three Palestinians also died in the clashed with forces.

This is what BBC news and ABC news portrayed to us while atrocious reality would be far away from this bogus presentment which most of the times are against Muslim Community. Several constraints and moral restraints are forcefully applied to Palestinians due to which violence has raised their polices. Hundreds of the Palestinians have been injured till to date while International community is still planning to plant their agenda.

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