Most Popular Female Bloggers List

Most Popular Female Bloggers List 2020

We can not ignore the importance of women’s in this living age of modern era. Now days females are every where in industrial field work, social activities, medical field and now in blogging & social networking field. Today we will discuss about world most popular female bloggers list , hope that information will help young newbies. If you have enough time, some money, family support, experience in blogging, then must read this post. Although blogging will take some extra time, but at the end you can earn a lot online via your blog/website. Just share your thoughts, experience & hobbies with your followers and wait for better results. You need basic skills about blogging, how to purchase a reliable web-hosting and custom premium domain name online? WordPress installation and blog optimization etc. You have a better chance to cash your skills & experience via blogging. Personally i would like to suggest you to spend your important time maximum in searching & learning new information about blogging and online earning methods?

Most Popular Female Bloggers List
Most Popular Female Bloggers List

Check out a complete list of world famous female bloggers around the world. They start working online, spend their important time, worked really hard and become inspirational women’s around the world without any publicity. You can follow them on world most popular social media sites like Twitter, Face-book etc.

1- Gina Trapani

Original name: Gina Trapani
Profession: Blogging
Website: lifehacker dot com
Worldwide Alexa: 327
Rank in USA: 282
PR: 7/10
Country: USA
Daily Visitors: 856,469
Daily Page views: 2,569,367
Daily Earning: 3560$ Estimated
Monthly Earning: 115,000$
Yearly Earning: 10,92,337$
Blog Niche: Self-Improvement

2- Rita McGrath

Original Name: Rita McGrath
Profession: Blogging
Blog URL: hbr. dot org
Current Alexa Rank: 3019
Website Page Rank: 7/10
Country: USA
Blog Niche: Marketing
Est. daily visitors: 1,13,940
Est. Page views: 3,40,987
Est. Daily earning: 797$
Launched in 1994
No. of employee: 30 around the world

3- Allie Kingsley

Name: Allie Kingsley
Field: Blogging
Website: designscrazed dot com
Alexa Rank: 4215
Page Rank: Zero
Country: USA
Blog Niche: WordPress themes & Plugins
Est. daily visitors: 72,597
Est. daily Earning: 398$

4- Ree Drummond

Real Name: Ree Drummond
Profession: Cooking & blogging
Website: thepioneerwoman dot com
Current Alexa: 7245
Page Rank: 6/10
Country: USA
Blog Niche: Cooking & Recipes
Est. Daily Visitors: 46,222
Est. Daily earning: 180$

5- Jenny Lawson

Name: Jenny Lawson
Profession: Fashion
Blog: thebloggess dot com
Alexa Rank: 45,271
Page Rank: 5/10
Country: USA
Blog niche: Humor
Est. Daily visitors: 7691
Est. daily earning: 30$+

6- Heather & Jessica

Blog Name: Go Fug Yourself
Country: USA
Alexa: 1,4500

7- Julie & Janet

Name: Julie, Janet, Francesca & Sarah
Blog: remodelista dot com
Alexa: 27983
Niche: Design

8- Sara K. Smith

Name: Sara K. Smith
Blog: wonkette dot com
Current Alexa: 17977
Blog Niche: Politics
Country: USA

9- Martina Zavagno

Name: Martina Zavagno
Blog: adverblog dot com
PR: 4
Country: USA

10- Ariel Meadow Stallings

Blog Name: offbeatbride dot com
Alexa Rank: 29371
Blog Niche: Fashion

These are the most famous and richest female bloggers around the world. All these ladies are now working more then 12 hours per day and earn a lot through blogging. No doubt, they faced too many issues, financial problems etc but they worked hard and proved that, women’s can do everything. In tech & gadgets section Olivia Steve blog is incredible, you should find honest reviews here.

The main purpose of “Most Popular Female Bloggers List” is to support our families, give them confidence and freedom to live their dream life. In Pakistan and India many families doesn’t like to provide friendly environment to their girls. I think we have to trust on them and give them a chance to show their working capabilities to whole world via blogging.

This information is not 100% accurate, this shared info is collected from reliable sources like social media pages, media talks etc.

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