What is MozRank? Tricks to improve it

I have talked about Page Authority and Domain Authority previously but importance of MozRank is really important for a newbie to discuss. MozRank is a positive correlation between link popularity and Google’s Page Rank algorithm. Your website page earns a MozRank based upon the other web pages and number of linking pages, it is just because of the Moz metrics that calculate your MozRank. MozRank of linking page and parent page would be the same.

What is MozRank? Tricks to improve it
What is MozRank? Tricks to improve it

MozRank Score:

Likewise Google, MozRank has the same level of score, it starts from 0 to 10, Baby sites are easy to catch up score till 3 but it’s very difficult for a website to improve score beyond 8.  There is no measuring tool to calculate MozRank as good and Bad because if you have higher rank, you have more value and worth in search engines.

Tools to check MozRank:

Moz’s SEO toolbar provides you an opportunity to check MozRank of your website or page, however Open Site Explorer does the same thing, if you need free tool then smallseotools is the biggest platform to help you, the best thing about this tool is that it is totally free and will never ask for membership plans as Moz does.

External MozRank:

link equity is the main power where MozRank preferably try to focus by checking both external links and internal links, there is a difference between Page Rank and MozRank because MozRank gives importance to only external links due to their importance.

How to Improve MozRank?

MozRank can be improved by either Internal links or External links, if you choose higher MozRank websites and link back to your website it would definitely improve your MozRank, these backlinks are very importance because they are free to crawl and rank your site higher. You must have high Domain Authority websites to improve your MozRank and also create fresh content every day, this is the best way to make your website Google friendly.

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