Muskaan 14 November 2018 Written Update – Sir Ji Surprises Ronak

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Written update: Muskaan 14 November 2018 Written Update at DOIT. The Episode begins with Sir ji getting back home. He informs Jaya concerning Aarti. He says I became more acquainted with that she is here, she can’t conceal more. Jaya asks here? He says truly, in this city, the day I get her, I will control Muskaan. He asks did Shaalu rest. She says no, she is playing. He meets Shaalu. Jaya conceals Aarti. He requests the desserts. Jaya gets mitigated. Muskaan gets a bad dream once more. Ronak says not once more. He awakens Muskaan. He asks did you see a similar bad dream once more. She says yes. He asks was it same or extraordinary.

Muskaan 14 November 2018 Written Update
Muskaan 14 November 2018 Written Update

Muskaan 14 November 2018 Written Update

She says indeed, we both were pursuing the vehicle. He asks who was inside the vehicle at that point. She says your shirt. Shaalu requests that Sir ji take her to showcase. He concurs. She requests that he say the winged creature’s story. He takes her. Ronak says we were running, how did shirt get inside the vehicle. She portrays her bizarre dream. Ronak says so you made me keep running in dream, next time on the off chance that you need to see great dreams, go first floor, given me a chance to rest here. He rests. Its morning, Dolly makes tea. She requests that everybody come and have tea. Gayatri asks where is your father, he isn’t anyplace. Ronak gets out Sir ji to come.

Sir ji gets back home. He says I have gone to end your protest, its an amazement for you, this is Ronak and Muskaan’s special night tickets. Ronak gets stunned. Everybody gets happy. Sir ji says I would prefer not to remain annoy and lose my child. Gayatri says you filled my heart with joy. Sir ji requests that Ronak go on vacation and appreciate. He gives the tickets to Ronak. He embraces Ronak. Ronak expresses gratitude toward Sir ji and says I have chosen not to go. Gayatri requests that he go. Ronak says I will remain here, Muskaan and I need to make put in everybody’s heart, its great Sir ji acknowledged us. Muskaan concurs with Ronak. She says it won’t be ready at this point. Ronak contends with Sir ji.

Sir ji says take a gander at him, when I m tolerating them, he isn’t understanding, he doesn’t confide in me. He goes. Muskaan says we can’t remain cheerful when everybody isn’t upbeat. Gayatri says consider everybody later. She requests that they go on the wedding trip. She requests that Dolly assist Muskaan with pressing. Bua says for what reason is Sir ji doing this, and for what reason are they can’t, something is fishy. Gayatri and Dolly help Muskaan in pressing. Ronak requests that Hanumanth think what to do to drop the special first night. Gayatri requests that he go and encourage his significant other. Ronak says indeed, Hanumanth had some work. Sir ji says if Muskaan comes to there, she can always remember this day.

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