Muskaan 14 November 2018 Written Update

Muskaan 9 November 2018 Written Update: New Bunty Plan

Written Update: Muskaan 9 November 2018 Written Update at doit. The Episode begins with Bua requesting that Muskaan compose an application, since they are confronting water shortage. Muskaan composes the application. Bua requests that her sign too. Muskaan does as such. Bua and Bunty grin. Bua requests that he discover Muskaan’s reality. Ronak and Sir ji contend. Sir ji approaches are you extremely succumbing to Muskaan. Ronak says she is making you move at this moment. Bunty fakes Muskaan’s sign and takes the application for school. He clears out. Gayatri says its Muskaan’s first rasoi today, nobody will go out today. She adulates him and says family is pixie for him. Ronak asks is that in this way, grin please. Sir ji grins. Ronak goes to call Muskaan. He takes tea for her. Muskaan wears the saree. Ronak accompanies tea. She requests that he go out. He asks what, why, I got tea for you. She asks him to simply go, she didn’t wear the saree legitimately. He takes off.

Muskaan 4th August 2018 Episode Written Update
Muskaan 4th August 2018 Episode Written Update

Muskaan 9 November 2018 Written Update

Gayatri inquires as to for what reason did Muskaan shout. He says she has seen a reptile. She chuckles. He says she is wearing saree. She says then go and encourage her, she is your significant other. He says, however…. She requests that he go. He goes in. Muskaan says you came back once more. He says mum has sent me in, simply pick up the pace. She requests that him not open eyes. He says my eyes are closed. She wears the saree. She says I m not ready to make the creases. He says I will help. He goes shutting eyes. He holds her hand and opens eyes. Bunty meets essential and expresses gratitude toward him. He tricks him about Muskaan’s treatment. He gets the record. He supposes now I will discover Muskaan’s fact. Gayatri asks Muskaan to dependably continue grinning. Ronak jokes. Gayatri requests that Ronak help Muskaan in the custom. She requests that Sir ji encourage Ronak. Sir ji cannot. She demands. She gives the rice in Muskaan’s grasp.

Ronak inconveniences Sir ji by dropping the rice. Gayatri requests that Sir ji pick the rice. Sir ji gets irate seeing Ronak dropping the rice. Gayatri requests that he come ahead and pick the rice since he is head of the family. Sir ji encourages them. Ronak says there is an issue in this rasam, give the rice in Muskaan’s saree. Gayatri says this rasam demonstrates family’s solidarity. Bua gets a call. Bunty says I will get all data about Muskaan and come. But for grins and plans against Muskaan. Sir ji satisfies custom and goes. Bunty achieves someplace. Muskaan endeavors to make sustenance. She calls Ronak for help. He says it implies you used to make scrumptious tiffin sustenance. She says truly, Gayatri requested that I make something, I don’t know something besides roti and curry. Ronak concurs.

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