Naagin Season 3 today 1 Dec 18 Written Update

Naagin Season 3 – 21st July 2018 Written Episode Update

Here is¬†Naagin Season 3 – 21st July 2018 Written Episode Update.¬†Bela and Rehaan leave the women loo. Mahir sees them giggling and turning out from that point and gets agitated. Rehaan says I will bring Jamini and gets some information about the bill. Mahir says you have engaged me and I gave you this treat. Rehaan goes to call jamming. Mahir says I ought to express gratitude toward Rehaan for influencing you to chuckle. ACP thinks rich are frantic and thinks Anu resembles her dad. He sits on his seat and sees a snake on the CCTV scope. He considers Anu educating him concerning Icchadhari Naagin and has confidence in her story and thinks Bela is a ponder. Kuhu, RJ and Bolton look through Jamini’s room. Anu discloses to them that Yuvi and Adi are in peril. She advises that Rehaan didn’t converse with me since he returned. Adi leaves the container and attempts to call Kuhu and RJ, yet no one hears them.

Naagin Season 3 - 21st July 2018 Written Episode Update
Naagin Season 3 – 21st July 2018 Written Episode Update

Naagin Season 3 – 21st July 2018 Written Episode Update

He is going to state in the mic when Jamini comes and picks Adi in her grasp. Kuhu, RJ and others take off. Rehaan expresses gratitude toward Mahir for taking them on twofold date. Mahir looks on. ACP comes to meet Andy and Sumitra and says you are celebrating when your child is absent. Andy says he should be with his better half Raavi Saluja in New Zealand. He says Yuvi is spoilt and does this. ACP endeavors to get some answers concerning Adi.

Rehaan comes to Bela. Bela prods him. Vish comes in her symbol and tells that Jamini made her distraught. Bela says how you will make her come clean. Vish says I will make her say and requests that her quit snickering. She says on the off chance that you can’t killMahir today then you will lose the wager. Bela says I have wanted to murder Mahir, he will bite the dust in a mishap, he will tumble down from the porch and pass on. Vish requests that her pick up the pace. She changes her symbol to Rehaan again and goes to Jamini’s room. He hears Jamini discussing Bela and asks what she said.

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