Naagin Season 3 today 1 Dec 18 Written Update – Juhi Demands Naagrani Crown

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Written Update: Naagin Season 3 today 1 Dec 18 Written Update. The Episode begins with Mahir and Bela going to her dad’s home. Bela thinks Bholenaath please spare me. She reveals to Mahir that it isn’t a great idea to go as of now. Mahir says there is no should be formal with mother and father. She says they may rest and rings the chime. Bela’s dad opens the entryway and says Juhi. He asks Bela what was the deal? Bela says I will disclose to you later and asks where is Maa? She discloses to Mahir that she isn’t here? Mahir says she is correct in front of you. Her mum digs out from a deficit. Mahir says sorry and says I couldn’t come to meet you. Naagrani Maa gets cheerful seeing Juhi and cries.

Naagin Season 3 today 1 Dec 18 Written Update
Naagin Season 3 today 1 Dec 18 Written Update

Naagin Season 3 today 1 Dec 18 Written Update

She asks Bela what was the deal? Bela says she thought she is dead, yet she is alive. Mahir takes her inside. Her mum asks who did this? Mahir says she may let you know. Bela’s dad asks him to have tea. Mahir says indeed, yet I will make it myself. Bela asks Naagrani Ma how could she come here? As she was in the wilderness. Naagrani Maa tells that she was in the wilderness, however then came there to Pandit ji’s home for few days. She says you have come here and brought Juhi too. Bela tells Naagrani Maa that she thought she lost her and after that lost Vikrant too. She needs to deliver retribution and needed Juhi to wind up Naagrani, yet she cannot.

She says she has seen Vikrant and Vish’s genuine faces and lost them. She says I got you both. Naagrani Maa cries. Bela says just beneficial thing will transpire now and expectations new inconvenience closes soon. Naagrani Maa asks which inconvenience? Bela is going to advise her, however simply then Mahir comes there and offers tea to Naagrani Maa. Bela asks where is my tea? Mahir says I drank it. Naagrani Maa requests that they go and says it is late night. Mahir says on the off chance that Bela needs, she can remain. Bela says she will leave and solicits Naagrani Maa to take care from Juhi. Mahir sits in the vehicle. He feels torment in his mind.

He reveals to Bela that he got cheerful seeing her mum’s bliss seeing Juhi. Bela begins crying and says sorry to learn. Mahir requests that her not cry and grin. Bela grins. Mahir requests that her never cry again. They go out. Bela influences him to sit on the quaint little in the medical aid box. Mahir says I was supposing how could I get injured? Bela says you crashed into giving in the divider. Mahir says you exited me there oblivious. Bela gets some information about that. She puts medication on his injury. She blows on his neck. Mahir requests that she blow again and says he is feeling better. He pulls her closer to him and falls on the bed. Bela asks what is this? Mahir says prescription is connected pleasantly in this position.

Bela asks who let you know? Mahir says, Dr. Mahir. She says even you are harmed. Bela says everything is going on as a result of me and tells that Sumitra Maa suspected that there is no reason to worry, however, nothing occurred. Mahir says this is going on in light of phony Yuvi. Bela says you don’t know anything and says everything is identified with my past. Mahir gets some information about her mum and sister and inquires as to why they didn’t want our marriage. Bela says I have such a great amount to let you know.

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