Naagin Season 3 today 1 Dec 18 Written Update

Naagin Season 3 Today 26 Aug 18 Written Episode Update – Anu’s boyfriend Shaan enters

Famous Naagin Season 3 Today 26 Aug 18 Written Episode Update. Check out Naagin Season 3 Today 26 Aug 18 Written Episode Update at doit. Everybody take a gander at him distinctly. Anu acquaints Shaan with everybody as her beau and their new financial specialist, they met in flight. Andy presents himself taken after by Polo as his 2 youngsters’ mom. Mahir presents himself next. Polo says Shaan he looks like Punjabi. Shaan says he is conceived and purchased up in Punjab and as of late moved to Canada because of business. Andy says he told Shaan is Punjabi and says even Shaan will join haveli party. Mahir says it will be decent communicating with Shaan. Shaan says even he is energized in regards to the gathering. They all prepare to movement. Bultu proposes Mahir to drop party in haveli and reminds what happened 8 months back, that young lady. Mahir says nothing will happen. Bela strolls down and seeing Anu welcomes her and says she felt too bad for close relative. Anu says she abhors her and got satisfaction now which she merits, she needn’t bother with Bela’s companionship or enemity and exits. Bela supposes she ought not make a big deal about other’s conclusion and joins Mahir.

Naagin Season 3 Today 26 Aug 18 Written Episode Update
Naagin Season 3 – 12th August 2018 Written Episode Update

Naagin Season 3 Today 26 Aug 18 Written Episode Update

Vish considers Bela and advises that she has traded Yuvi’s body and his post-mortem examination won’t uncover anything. ACP strolls in. She says she is leaving work. ACP calls her Ramona and approaches on the off chance that she joined just for this last undertaking. She says he can think along these lines, she is leaving work at last. All adolescents register with an inn close haveli. Adi holds Bela’s hand and says he didn’t kick the bucket and is alive, she cleared out him oblivious, now he is foe’s ally, it will be extremely energizing. Arvind masked as addresses Bela as nagrani and asks what is she doing here, she ought not be here for 4 days. Bela asks what 4 days. Mahir calls her, and the driver takes off. Mahir strolls to assistant and asks room keys. Assistant inquires as to whether he is certain as villagers have confidence in a legend of 4 days. Shaan asks what 4 days. Assistant says he can’t state and requests that Mahir not look behind in the event that somebody gets and not leave haveli in the wake of night. Shaan takes a gander at haveli from the window and snaps its pic saying it is extremely wonderful. Bela reveals to Mahir that she knows he will break haveli and sanctuary. Mahir says he won’t break haveli or sanctuary and knows its incentive for villagers. She says she will meet her dad’s companion and takes off.

Kuhu and others examine to purchase town garments before entering haveli for party. They all got to a tailor shop where Rajkumar Rao advancing his new film presents himself as Vicky businessperson. He indicates garments and they all appreciate. RJ inquires as to whether he doesn’t have anything for men. Young men examine entire town is unfilled, not, in any case, a solitary hot young lady. Vicky’s companion advises stree/lady seeks 4 days here and cherishes men. RJ jokes he cherishes desire and chuckles. Companion cautions not to mess with lady as she is bhootni. Vicky leaves to meet his better half. Companion says Vicky’s sweetheart is imperceptible, don’t know whether she is human or bhooth.

Bela enters haveli and envisions playing find the stowaway with Vikranth. Tere rang pyar me… tune… plays out of sight. Vikranth holds her hand. She requests to leave shyingly and turns and sees Mahir. Mahir says she should give their relationship another shot. She stands befuddled on the off chance that it is Mahir or Vikranth and after that sees Vish who says she held her hand and saw her disarray, she is occupying from her objective. She demonstrates Mahir’s kin and says they all are at one place and merit passing without a moment’s delay, no one will know in which deplete and waterway their bodies will be. Adi comes. Vish stows away. Adi cautions Bela to comply with her, else she will uncover her fact. She says she can murder him at the present time and takes nagin’s shape. Adi calls Mahir and says Bela is assaulting her and scratched him. Mahir inquires as to whether he is a child to get perplexed and requests to go and go along with others. Adi smiles at Bela and clears out. Bela takes a gander at Vish taking cover behind the divider.

Vicky strolls on road visiting with his better half Shraddha Kapoor. He welcomes her for the party. She says she will on the off chance that he wins in find the stowaway. He turns and strolls and hears Stree calling him and flying behind him. He gets apprehensive and says he won’t turn behind. His better half holds his shoulder from behind and says it is her. They both advance their new motion picture Stree.

They all stroll into haveli and begin party. Adi considers Bela and requests that her obey him and get ready beverages for him. She plans beverages and serves everybody. Kuhu says she is pregnant and does not drink liquor. Bela says it is sans liquor juice. She at that point serves beverages to Mahir. Mahir says she doesn’t need to do this. She says he told she should stand firm. Shaan strolls in and asks where is Anu. They insult he is so anxious to meet her. He says he is intending to accomplish something and requirements their assistance. They all concur. Anu enters and sees everybody missing and control off. Shaan welcomes her. She says her portable light is likewise not working, by what method will they look others. He requests that she take a gander at floor. She sees precious stone ring. Adi picks it. Everybody stroll in applauding. Anu thinks Shaan is proposing and herself wears ring and says she acknowledges his proposition to be engaged.

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