Naagin Season 3 today 1 Dec 18 Written Update

Naagin Season 3 Today 4 Nov 2018 Written Update – Troubles For Mahir And Bela

Latest Naagin Season 3 Today 4 Nov 2018 Written Update at doit dot pk. The Episode begins with Mahir advising that somebody needs to destroy him after he is demolished. He requests that Yuvi and Bela hang DND announcement outside the room. Yuvi says not an awful thought. Mahir discloses to Bela that everybody is holding up ground floor. He goes. Vikrant comes in his symbol and requests that Bela go and says I will deal with, requests that her avoid moonlight. Bela turns out and supposes what did I do? She questions on herself considering on the off chance that she executed Poulomi. She sees Mahir and comes rushing to him crying and embraces him. Mahir asks her what occurred and requests that her sit and let him know.

Naagin Season 3 Today 4 Nov 2018 Written Update
Naagin Season 3 Today 4 Nov 2018 Written Update

Naagin Season 3 Today 4 Nov 2018 Written Update

Bela is going to inform him concerning Poulomi and points the finger at herself that she attempts to make the things right, yet inverse occurs. Mahir embraces and solaces her, says everything will be correct. Vikrant packs Poulomi’s body in the cover and says everything won’t approve of you… Ruhi. His mum comes there. Vikrant says I was figuring what you will come, says I disclosed to you that she will get caught in figment and will question on herself. He says she played with my heart and I will play with her psyche. He says Bela will execute Mahir and after that, she will lose her entire being and after that, we will get Naagmani and guideline on this world he grins. Mahir requests that her sit and asks what is the issue? Bela says I am fine and says too bad. Mahir says sorry and inquires as to for what reason is the thing which finishes in Yuvi’s room. Bela says I went poorly. Mahir says I didn’t mean it, however, and says I know we can have separate between us, yet not selling out. I know you well, despite the fact that you don’t see my fantasies, however won’t see anybody dreams when I am there.

He inquires as to for what reason did you cry? In the event that he accomplished something to you and says I won’t ask you anything. Bela says I am purpose behind my very own issues. Mahir requests that her tell. Bela says I have a mystery which you don’t know and on the off chance that I reveal to you then you won’t acknowledge me. Mahir requests that her look in his eyes and inquires as to whether she can peruse shrouded love in his eyes and says if not cherish at that point in the event that she can peruse trust in his eyes for her. He says I trust you completely and will be with you. He says I acknowledge everything. Bela says truly. Mahir says simply let me know. Bela is going to educate him concerning Vikrant and says Vik… .Just then she sees Yuvi and says Yuvi. She takes Mahir to side and says Yuvi can’t see us together. She says you are great. Yuvi/Vikrant tells his Bela that he arranged Poulomi’s dead body don’t as well stress.

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