Nawaz Sharif did not conceal employment in UAE company: PM’s lawyer submits reply

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As Court narrated PM’ lawyer to submit their reply to Supreme Court before Sunday evening , Mr. Khawaja Harris the PM’s Lawyer denies the allegation that his client Mr. Nawaz Sharif has camouflaged his employment at Capital FZE as unearthed by JIT (Offshore Company) probing money laundering and it’s allegation against defiant or his family.

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He confirmed that allegation of Mr. Nawaz Sharif about the employment is totally fake and bears no evidence or relevancy to the case as he submitted his answer before the apex court.

Nawaz Sharif did not conceal employment in UAE company: PM's lawyer submits reply
Nawaz Sharif did not conceal employment in UAE company: PM’s lawyer submits reply

He further highlighted to the court that PM was an employee at the Dubai based company not in off shore company therefore he received an Iqama from concerned authorities of Gulf State. Same statement was also promulgated during Panamagate hearings of PM’s case, there was no further addition or reduction in the statements and concern evidences.

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He submitted the court PM’s password and work permit of 2013 along with other prescribed documents of employment in Court on Sunday. However documents contains no evidences in court of law as these papers have no moral or legal status. There was no further column to elaborate this statement provided at reply.

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There is a contradiction in his own statements because Harris, last week, asserted that PM and his two sons are the owner of Capital FZE, so today’s reply directly goes against the defiant and may cause a contemptuous attempt to dishonor court. Another notorious statement comes from him that though he was the designated chairman but didn’t draw any salary, this statement shows abstemious but vigorous not in favor but against the court. Whereas he disclosed in front of the JIT that he was the chairman of Capital FZE before running for the post of Prime Minister in 2013.

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