Types of Nightmares with Solutions

Types of Nightmares with Solutions

There are some dreams which turns out to be very dramatic, nasty and curious. It is important for each one of you to know that there are 5 Types of Nightmares with solutions stated below which may pause your breath while sleeping. Some times you feel that you are running and zombies are chasing you, you are flying in air and suddenly you are felling down with no reasons to why. You have an road crash but miracle you escape from it. You might be aware of REM(Rapid Eye Movement) during sleep that may cause to bring such feelings of terror, anxiety and distress.

Types of Nightmares with Solutions
Types of Nightmares with Solutions

Case studies on adults showed that most of the dreams are engaged with pseudo-nightmarish (you are chases or threaten for injury,death, shocked, trapped, alone and terrified, scared of natural powers, super heroes becomes super villains, you are losing your teeth at this age i mean at adult stage etc). There are different types of Nightmares quoted by Dr. Irshaad Ebrahim who is MD MRCPsych and Specialist Neuropsychiatric at the Constantia Sleep Center in Sleep Disorders. Rate of Pursuit dreams are much higher than dreams with attacks having 92% to boys and 82% in women while attack dreams comprises of 68% to 91%, Please go through attached details of types of dreams:

Repetitive Dreams:

It is a post traumatic nightmare such as accidents and war trauma.

Recurrent Dreams:

This defines a state of conflict or stress metaphorically causing unpleasant reasons.
A less successful adaptation would be turned in to depression, anxiety, personal adjustment and stress.

Nightmares in Childhood:

Bogey man,Villains which caused a reason of scary for children in nightmares, if not removed then it may penetrate when you become young and still dreaming off such scary nightmares.

Gender is a factor

As compared to boys, girls are facing this problem more due to new positive research.Results show that at the age of 13 girls have 18% higher rate of bad dream if you say boys are at 27% versus girls who are at 40% while at the age of 16 boys ratio goes down to 21% while girls holds still at 41% of bad dreams.

Bad dream or a Nightmare?

This is a point of discussion because you have either nightmare of bad dream but it is important to know what kind of difference involves in it.Some believers think that reason of being awaken is nightmare not a bad dream, some say a sort of depression or confusion may cause a reason of being awakening.

How to eradicate these problems?

It is important to know about your dreams which type of dreams do you dream off because it will help you to let yourself free from such things.Try to make a habit of following stated as under.

Participate in Social activities: Participation in social activities will let you help to eradicate such dreams either nightmares or bad dreams.

Diminish Stress: Stress is an element which will allow you to turn your sweet dreams in to bad dreams.

Exercise: One of the fasted way to grow yourself is to keep yourself warm and do exercise which will diverge your mind and make you light and pleasant.

Routine Work: It sounds to me great if you are working on a routine work which will allow you to make yourself to think in one direction. Repeated routine work will change your habit and dreams too.

Sports: Decision making games and sports not video games with horrible fights, will let you handle this sever issue politely without doing something wrong. Sports and games make you healthy where you learn leadership, decision making, team work, aggression and vision to achieve your target.

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