Nimki Mukhiya 12th July 2019 Episode Written Update: Diamond is Confused & Says Why?

Written Update: Nimki Mukhiya 12th July 2019 Episode Written Update today online.

What is new this episode? today epi begins, Babu comes to Diamond. He says no I didn’t utter a word about nimki.. I mean bhabhi. Babbu says I know. Does it hurt? Annaro says you hit him. Babbu says I was furious He made trouble. Babu says I am heartbroken. Come I feel weak at the knees over you. Ritu says let him rest. Babbu says don’t talk between us. Babu indicates Diamond his bicycle and says see what I have for you.

Nimki is perched on the bicycle. Everybody turns out. Jharyia says you needed this bicycle. Annaro says what is this young lady doing here? babbu says nimki disclosed to me I hit Diamond so I should give him a blessing to determine this. Nimki says your sibling adores you, Diamond. He sits on the bicycle, Nimki has the keys. Jewel says thank you Babbu. Nimki says not simply thank you, you would give me a ride.

Nimki Mukhiya 12th July 2019 Episode

Precious stone says sure. Nimki sits with jewel and they go for a ride. Annaro is irate. Rekha says what.. Another is gone. Sweetie grins. Annaro says he let her sit with him? Babu says she is his bhabhi. Prior to this disdain from your heart. Nimki and Diamond return. Nimki says amazing. Annaro says give it back. Precious stone says why? Annaro says this young lady is destroying our home. Absolutely never sit on it.

jewel says Tettar guaranteed me a bicycle he never gave. In any case, my sibling and bhabhi did. I will utilize it. Nimki says she sees things from the channel of despise. They all go in. Ritu says to Annaro you need to quiet down or Diamond would be out of hands as well. Rekha says you and Tettar won’t have anybody.

Mono isn’t well. He continues taking Nimki’s name. Tettar says would it be a good idea for us to call Nimki? Mauha says she is dead for me. Tune says however she is Mono’s sister. Mauha says she couldn’t care less about anybody. Mono is my sibling. Ramla comes in. She says I have seen Nimki since adolescence. Your mom kicked the bucket, Nimki picked Mono. She would cry with him when he would weep for his mom.

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