Nimki Mukhiya 15th July 2019 Episode Written Update: How Throws Stone at Nimki Stomach?

Written Update: Nimki Mukhiya 15th July 2019 Episode Written Update online.

Here is the most recent episode written update, Nimki Mukhiya 15th July 2019 online, the episode begins, She goes behind him. Tettar slaps Diamond and requests that he not go behind him. Babbu says to Sweety that I will leave this royal residence. Nimki says this is Ritu’s intending to grab Tettar from you.

Nimki Mukhiya 15th July 2019 Episode

Babbu says I will crush him. Nimki says he has harmed Sweety most so get her separated from him. Babbu says Tettar won’t give it a chance to occur however he won’t remain Sweety’s life now. He embraces her. Nimki supposes one more divider is going to move.

Nimki sees Tuneey calling and cuts it. Sweety says they are your family, accept the call. Nimki accepts the call. Tunee says I trust despite everything you feel love for your sibling, he has a high fever. Nimki says I am coming and leaves. Babbu goes behind her.

Mauha is watching out for Mono. Mono requests Nimki. Mauha requests that he attempt to rest. Dumri says he is missing Nimki. Mauha says let him rest. Tunee comes to Mauha and says don’t be irate. Call Nimki. Muaha says she doesn’t care about us. Nimki comes there and requests Mono. Mauha doesn’t let her go inside the room and says now you give it a second thought? Tunee says I called her.

Mauha says we don’t need her. Dumri says let her meet Mono, Mauha says we don’t have a connection with her, she is dead to us. Nimki says what are you saying? I am your sister. Mauha says no you are not, we have taken in this from you. Mono leaves room and races to Nimki. Nimki embraces him and says don’t stress, I am here at this point. Mauha sees Babbu there and says he? All look on.

Nimki Mukhiya 15th July 2019 Episode

Nimki says we need to take him to the medical clinic. Mauha says don’t you dare go into our home, Nimki says he was stressed for Mono as well. Mauha says since when we began cherishing us? This shabby man cannot love anybody, this is Ram’s home, attacker like him cannot be here. Tunee says stop it. Mauha says I will take Mono to the emergency clinic, Nimki may have overlooked everything except for I cannot overlook him beating our dad and offending him. Nimki is in tears.

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