Nimki Mukhiya 8 July 2019 Written Update – Mai Throws her Food Away

Written Update: Nimki Mukhiya 8 July 2019 Written Update today online.

Sweety says you can talk here. Nimki says it’s pointless to call Mauha inside, she will affront Mai and I don’t need that. All are stunned to hear it. Mauha says what are you saying? Nimki asks Jhariya to send them away. Babbu says that is bad. Tunee says what’s happening with you? Mono didn’t rest the entire night, he is concerned for you. Mauha says to leave it, we don’t need to converse with her. Nimki turns away and requests that the family left inside. They all leave.

Nimki takes a gander at them and closes entryway. Mauha is harmed. Inside the house, Nimki reveals to Mai that I am not here for any show, she goes in her room. Babbu says see she sent her family back as a result of you individuals. Tettar says ask her whats her game. Nimki looks from the window and sees Mauha crying and leaving. She is dismal for them.

Nimki Mukhiya 8 July 2019

Nahar says don’t comprehend what Nimki does, resident says I realized she would return as she needs a name for her child. Nahar says they are our adversaries, Babbu must have some trap arranged. Other resident says you deceived her as well, he said sorry. Resident says it’s great they are back, they are hitched. Nahar says it’s not great, I will converse with her. Resident says think regarding Mauha, Nimki left her.

Mauha is breaking things in the house. Dumri requests that her quiet down. Abhi comes there. Mauha says I stress for everybody, cant I show outrage? Abhi embraces her and says for what reason did you go there? Tunee says we needed to converse with her. Dumri says she doesn’t care about us. Mauha says she didn’t even take a gander at us, everything is Babbu for her. Abhi says time change. Tunee says I will converse with her. Abhi says she has effectively chosen.

They see Nimki calling. Mauha accepts the call and says would you say you are glad to affront us? Babbu is so significant at this point? Nimki says hear me out. Mauha closures call and cries. Nimki says I am sorry Mauha, I must be this way, I am on a mission, I will rebound and apologize to all of you, pardon me.

Babbu comes in her room and sees her tragic. Does HE ask what was the deal? Nimki says I have no spot now. Babbu says you could converse with Mauha here. Nimki says Mai wouldn’t have loved it. Babbu says you can go there, don’t stress over here, I won’t let anybody prevent you from going into the kitchen.

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