Most Popular Blog Topics in 2016

Most Popular Blog Topics in 2016

This is true fact that, choosing a unique topic can provide you great opportunities to earn a lot via blogging, no doubt that will test your temperament and skills as well, but at the end you can earn a lot through advertising. Your right choice of choosing a perfect topic can provide great opportunities of online earnings. The trend of blogging is now increasing sharply among the young students worldwide and too many newbies are now involving in this process every day/week. If you are willing to involve in this, then you have to wait more then 6 to 8 months for your first payments because blogging have very slow results, although its results are awesome after few years. If you have a team unit to write online then you can achieve you goals in short period of time. Check out Most Popular Blog Topics 2016 list and then select one topic to work on. Don’t copy any other website data, content to prevent any kind of penalization from world famous search engines likes Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. Be productive and write unique content on daily basis and then utilize the power of social networking website as well, within few months you will see your website on top at world famous search engines.

Most Popular Blog Topics in 2016
Most Popular Blog Topics in 2016

Most Popular Blog Topics 2016

Here are few important and highly searched topics on internet which are mention below with complete details as well. Some topics need too much hard work, basic skills, knowledge and money as well and few of them need only hard work and time, if you have passion of working online and want to earn through blogging then must check this post.

1- Social Media

With a private survey, more then 90% internet users likes to spend their time on social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc, that’s why these kind of social media sites have huge traffic world wide. With Alexa rank, FB is on number 2 worldwide and twitter is almost on 8th position which is incredible. We can not ignore a pure blog which is mash-able dot com related to technology have millions of users as well. You can start your own blog related to latest trends, happenings and modern inventions as well, with that anyone can get huge traffic within six months. You have to work really hard to get organic traffic, professional writers are also required to handle this. You have to keep in touch with modern inventions to write & share with everyone.

2- Entertainment

Personally i like to suggest this topic, specially newbies because these days people likes to search entertainment related stuff, like latest English & Indian songs, movies trailers, English movies, Indian daily soap and entertaining & comedy shows. You can not use Google Ad-sense & buy sell ads on videos or copy righted videos but there are too many networks are available to earn a lot through entertainment related blogs. More then 80+ Indian dramas on daily basis and 30+ Pakistani tv serials can provide you 10000+ visitors each day within one week. After two months you can easily get more then 50000+ visitors per day which is simply incredible. With that traffic you can easily earn 30 to 40$ per day via info-links & adsterra ads.

3- Celebrities

Young generation likes to read latest news about their favorite celebrities around the world. If you have capability to provide all latest information about celebrates then you can earn a lot with that blog niche. Although it will take too much time and daily time & search as well but at the end, reward is quite impressive. Google will pay you low CPC for that blog niche so be-aware about it.

4- Fashion

Fashion niche is placed at 4th position at “Most Popular Blog Topics 2016” list, because there is a huge search of latest fashion trends, implementations, hair styles, make up & jewelery styles but every topic needs time, work, search & money. Purchased fashion related domain in 10$ and start working online, that topic will take too much time to get maximum traffic from all over the world.

5- Health

Internet is now replacing everything and near future, people will order their required products through internet. In last few years, health related keywords got too many hits in world search engines, that’s why health niche is placed on 5th position. The main advantage of health related blog is that, Google pays highest CPC for that particular topic. Once your health & technology related blog got more then 10000+ visitors per day from all over the world, then you can easily earn more then 50$ with Google and Bing ads.

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