Qayamat Ki Raat 21st July 2018 Written Episode Update

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Star Plus Qayamat Ki Raat 21st July 2018 Written Episode Update. Awesome Qayamat Ki Raat 21st July 2018 Written Episode Update online. Download Qayamat Ki Raat 21st July 2018 Written Episode Update. Gauri says don’t affront me. Raj says I won’t give you a chance to stop Aman’s wedding. He takes off. Karuna’s sibling says father let her wed Aman. He says your dad is extremely stressed. Raj says please father Aman cherishes her. try not to stop this wedding. Prithvi says they canceled it not us. THey have a great time of us. He clears out. Dadi says enough. Karuna won’t wed Aman. She clears out. Gauri and Dharam go to the old haveli. Aman is stressed. Karuna comes to meet him. He says lets runaway. We will get hitched and they will acknowledge us. Karuna embraces him. She says let me get the wedding dress. Gauri opens the entryway. The head tails them. Gauri says that tantrik’s body is close-by us. She messages him I don’t know where they are. I lied so his head tails us. And after that, we can record him. The head says I will discover my body.

Qayamat Ki Raat 21st July 2018 Written Episode Update
Qayamat Ki Raat 21st July 2018 Written Episode Update

Qayamat Ki Raat 21st July 2018 Written Episode Update

Dharam takes a gander at Gauri and says the body must be here. Let’s search for it. Aman and Karuna escape the house. Raj is in the lobby. They cover up and go out to the auto. Karuna says would we say we are doing well? He says they are preventing us from joining due to superstition. So we are doing well. Pandit sees them. He reveals to Raj Aman and Karuna was going in the auto. Raj says Gauri additionally ran with Dharam and said she knows where is the body. Pandit goes out to search for Gauri. Dharam evacuates a window ornament. A considerable measure of bats falls on them. Dharam tumbles from the gallery on a Trishul. Gauri says on the off chance that I haul it out your life would be in peril.

Gauri pulls Dharam. They feel like the storage compartment is moving. Dharam sits in a side. Gauri pulls the Trishul. Dharam shouts. The house shakes with the storage compartment. Gauri takes a gander at is and is stunned. dharma blacks out. Gauri sees the head. The head says by the body is here. I have discovered it. The hand opens the storage compartment. Gauri is stunned. The head and hand join with the body. Gauri says Dharam please open your eyes. She takes him to a side and sees the tantrik. Gauri is entranced. The tantrik giggles. Gauri is terrified. He says my body has joined together. Presently observe what happens. Minakshi says your little girl has taken my child. Karuna’s mother says my little girl isn’t that way. Your child has taken her. Sneha says my Gauri isn’t home either. Minakshi says now I know who did this. prithvi says don’t let out the slightest peep in regards to my girl.

Tantrik sees Gauri. He says you can go no place. She endeavors to go out yet he bolts the entryway. Gauri attempts to run. He snatches her and says I sat tight for you for a long time. Gauri shouts. She says please let me go. She records the video. Gauri endeavors to run. He says I called Swahasni here. I needed to deal with a young lady and make her mine. Swahasni couldn’t be mine yet now I will influence you to mine. Dharam’s mother comes and says my child isn’t home. I won’t stay now. I have relinquished my better half I won’t forfeit my child for your issues.

Tantrik pulls Gauri. He says today around evening time is the night. I will influence you to mine and will be alive until the end of time. Pandit comes promotion pours a water on him. He shouts. Tantrik runs out. Pandit ji says Gauri would you say you are alright? She cries and says what I saw.. He says now you know. He is alive. Prithvi won’t trusts us. Gauri says I have confirmation. She indicates his video. Gauri says Dharam is there. we need to take him to healing center. They take him out.

Gauri keeps running towards home. Raj stops the auto. He says it in. Gauri says that tank is back. His parts have consolidated. Raj says enough. She says I have confirmation. He says Karuna and Aman have rushed to get hitched. Would you be able to stop this jabber? He says I am will search for them. She says I will run with you. He says this all happened as a result of you. Their life is in threat. Gaur says I will run with you. He says I won’t take you. He drives. Gauri tumbles down. Her hand is harmed. Raj stops the auto and says wouldn’t you be able to tune in. He picks her up and takes her to the auto. Raj dresses her injury. She says gives up. He says a man and Karuna are extremely distraught at you. Gauri says please I need to go. He says no you can’t go. He abandons her there out and about and clears out.

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