Qayamat Ki Raat 26 Aug 18 Written Episode Update – Raj says

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Indian classic Qayamat Ki Raat 26 Aug 18 Written Episode Update at doit. Raj says we will have a considerable measure of days and evenings like these when we feel alone, however, we will be there for each other. He says we should give each other time until the point when we are both agreeable to be physical. He says I will change inside you can switch outside, however, hustle just a bit. She says I needed to wed a person who might not govern me. She says I constantly needed to wed a person who might love me. Raj comes outside. Gauir says it’s late we should rest. The reptile draws close to Gauri. Kalasur says don’t hurt my Gauri. The reptile assaults them. Gauri and Raj endeavor to stow away however it pursues them. Raj and Gauri come in the washroom, however, the reptile comes there also. Gauri says I will execute it. Raj says it will chomp you. Raj picks it with fabric and tosses it outside. Gauri slips. Raj holds her. Kalasur is furious. Gauri says change or you will get cool. He says I am extremely solid. He hacks Gauri snickers. They both change. He says let me get garments for you. she says I will go and take them.

Qayamat Ki Raat 26 Aug 18 Written Episode Update
Qayamat Ki Raat 26 Aug 18 Written Episode Update

Qayamat Ki Raat 26 Aug 18 Written Episode Update

Gauri goes to her room. She sees Karuna and says not resting in light of the fact that your arrangement has fizzled? Ananiya sees them together. Karuna says I am glad for you. You thought I have lost. I haven’t lost. Gauri says I will go to Sumergarh and discover what is my story. You can’t do anything thus can’t your kalasur. Ananiya ponders what mystery is she discussing. Gauri comes to the room and sees that Raj has dozed. She covers him with knit and mulls over the sofa. Kalasur comes to Karuna and says you are so futile.

I requesting that you watch out for Garui and Raj. Ananiya sees them and records them. Kalasur says you disclosed to me you will get me Gauri. She says how would I bring her? You both have upset my head. I am worn out. I am burnt out on your dramatization. Return to your surrender. I won’t hear you out. kalasur throttles her and says you are nothing before me. I will get Gauri without you too. Karuna says abandon me I am sad. Kalasur pushes her. She says I am sad. He says I gave you this life Karuna. Disclose to me what is Gauri up to? Karuna says Gauri is going to submerge. She says she will endeavor to locate that mystery. Ananiya drops a vase. Karuna turns out and says who is there. She sees, however, Ananiya is covered up.

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