Qayamat Ki Raat 4 Nov 2018 Written Update – Raj Gets Kalasur Blood

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Qayamat Ki Raat 4 Nov 2018 Written Update at doit. In today episode, Dharam’s mother gets back home. Uma says what a planning. Dharam says, mama. She says dharma I desired you. Come to me. It is safe to say that you are alright? Dharam keeps running towards her. Uma says that isn’t your mother Dharam. She is a shadow. It is a witch, its Uma. Anjal comes like a phantom. She is Dharam. She says nobody is crying here? Anjali throttles Uma. Prithvi says abandon her, please. Master mama comes talking like Kaalsur. She says your entire family beyond words. Tantriks don’t bite the dust. Master mama hits them. Raj awakens. He exists in the wilderness. Uma comes to him. He is controlled. Uma removes her cover. Anjali and master mama’s apparition hit everybody.

Qayamat Ki Raat 4 Nov 2018 Written Update
Qayamat Ki Raat 4 Nov 2018 Written Update

Qayamat Ki Raat 4 Nov 2018 Written Update

Uma says today is amass. This night is dim. I will make you kaal this evening. He sits before the flame. She says your mother will make you something that no mother can envision. I will make you lord of dimness. Nobody will comprehend what is occurring with you. Uma begins doing the enchantment. She trims Raj’s hair and places it in the fire. Uma says since I have them you will be in my control. I will make you so great. Uma says you have ventured first in Kaal’s reality. You will move toward becoming kaal. They will be shocked to see you. He clears out. Uma says he will return. He will progress toward becoming kaal.

Gauri takes a gander at Raj and cries. Zuma says raj will crush everything. Prithvi thumps on RAj’s entryway and says open the entryway Uma. Dharam breaks the entryway. uma is putting on a show to be blacked out on the floor. Prithvi says please open your eyes Uma. Meenakshi says how could you swoon. Uma says I don’t have the foggiest idea. I am extremely stressed for Raj. How is Raj?

Dharam says I am calling Gauri. He calls her and says is everything OK? She says yes. Dharam comes to the healing center. He says we will both deal with Raj. Lights kill. Gauri says what is going on here? Somebody wounds the specialist. Gauri says I will check. Dharma is with raj. He sees dark cap lady. He pursues her. Dharam stops her. He hits her. She is going to cut him. dharma throttles her and says I won’t abandon you today. I will know your identity.

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