Raja Beta 12 July 2019 Episode Written Update: Ramesh asks Purva About Delivery

Written Update: Raja Beta 12 July 2019 Episode Written Update online.

The Episode begins with Dadi inquiring as to whether Purva woke up. He says yes. Pankhudi advises that she is setting off to Nani’s home as it is empty after the redesign. Vedant says you said all is well. Pankhudi says all is well. Purva comes and discloses to her that she won’t remain alone and will remain with her here. Pankhudi inquires as to whether you don’t need me to end up autonomous and says she needs to remain alone.

Purva embraces her. Pankhudi embraces Vedant and supposes it is smarter to go far away you with the goal that I don’t occupy from the point. Sanju takes her to drop her. Vedant asks Purva to come. They go to the medical clinic. Vedant carries her to the pediatric ward and gives her a child. He educator her how to deal with the infant and tells that such a way child hears your heartbeat.

Raja Beta 12 July 2019 Episode

Purva gets contacted and enthusiastic. She gets sorrowful eyes. Vedant says you got tears holding this infant, what will occur with our child. Tune plays rang teri reet ka. She inquires as to whether she needs a child young lady or kid. Vedant says he needs a solid infant. Purva says in the event that we have a young lady, at that point, she will leave us like Pankhudi left today. Vedant says even children go out for training or work.

They grin. Sanju asks her for what valid reason she left home. Pankhudi says she would prefer not to digress from her point. He says Papa is correct, on the off chance that you handle the medical clinic, at that point, no one will miss Vedant. Pankhudi says indeed, no one will miss him. Dadi asks Ramesh to make Manjula comprehend and tells that she is acting gravely with Vedant since she came to think about Purva’s pregnancy.

Ramesh tells that Manjula is concerned for Sanju. Dadi says Vedant won’t do treachery with anybody. Pankhudi takes a gander at Vedant and Purva’s pic and composes barbadi. Purva returns home and discloses to Dadi that a woman was weaving socks for her infant. Dadi approaches her to weave it for her child. Purva requests that she instruct it. Manjula says she has a fleece with her.

Dadi thinks errors get cleared soon. Manjula instructs her. Purva tells about her sentiments when taking a child. She gets some information about her inclination when she took Vedant. Manjula says Vedant was three months old. Purva asks how she felt when she took Sanju. Manjula says she felt better and glad when she took him. Purva inquires as to whether there is a contrast among Vedant and Sanju.

Manjula says there is a distinction between power and obligation. She says vedant was compellingly placed in my lap. Purva says you separate such a great amount among them and says Vedant cherishes you to such an extent. Manjula says there is a distinction among embraced and claim’s children. She says I can give my life for Sanju and end others’ life for Sanju.

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