Rank your content with zero backlinks

Rank Your Content with Zero Backlinks

Being a web-master it is the most difficult phase to rank your website and make it Google Friendly. Different experts use different kind of strategies to improve their keyword positions which ultimately takes a lot of time and some times results are not up to the mark. To improve your website you need to crawl dofollow websites which is the most important part of blog commenting. You can use different tricks but you can find unlimited backlinks on openlinkprofiler for free. SEO is a vast term which can’t be expressed in few words therefore i would recommend you to read more and more about SEO that would help you to find different ways of promotion. There is a social network which also provides a handsome traffic to your website, if you are able to find Top Content sharing Social Websites, that would be awesome because you have direct access to your Internet users and they can follow your articles directly. This job would take a lot of time for you to promote a single keyword in Google therefore i would love to suggest you a trick that can change your game¬† but before going further you mus read how to start a blog and make money. If you want to pay attention towards keyword promotion without SEO then you must read¬†Google Webmaster Guidelines that would definitely allow you to promote your stuff without link building, a quality link builder charge more than $1 per link but results are not comparatively effective as compared to money spent on link building.

Rank your content with zero backlinks
Rank your content with zero backlinks

How’s that?

How’s that if you are free to go on and secretly dominate search engines with out SEO, that looks pretty weird but you may gain this. Let me tell you one thing before going further, you ought to be perfect at following topics.

These topics will at least increase your variety of approaches and significance of writing perfect blog post which requires new information and quality. Possibility of auto ranking increases when you write a different content and also keep your quality quite high. You ought to be aggressive in this approach other wise it would be difficult for you to gain good ranking in search engine. To test this i have created this SEO blog where there is no role of Keyword promotion through SEO.

Areas where i have to Focus:

No doubt Google Webmaster learning academy helped me a lot to learn about restrictions imposed by search engine. Instead of ignoring these, i would keep these key points in my mind and would also share some of the important points that would help you to setup a quality website. Brush up your skills and never repeat mistakes because crawler will surely damage your ranking every day. Some of the points where each one of us should get a mastery are stated below.

  • Selection of Domain: Most important part where 90% of the webmasters fail is “the selection of Domain”, domain name shouldn’t be expired because you might never know what kind of content was being shared before, if you choose Expired Domains even though domain has a high Domain Authority but it would never work for your blogging. On a certain point your Alexa will stop and you might have to write more stuff as compared to fresh domain name because Google love fresh names where consistency of content is common. Expired domain name is first included in crawler then removed due to any reason, if you purchase that domain again you have to resubmit your URL in Google. Google will include it but will rank your content at low level so i would never suggest to do this mistake. Use any domain name, doesn’t matter, but choose a fresh domain name.
  • High Quality Content: Quality of the content is the primary parameter that Google love to check. High quality content may bring a lot of traffic on your website and may become a reason to add more money in your pocket. I would suggest you to go for quality and get paid from content writing.
  • Mobile Friendly Website: Your website must be mobile friendly, it would add plus points to your website if you have app for your website. Check out whether your website is mobile friendly or not on Google search console. A smart webmaster always try to read latest mobile guidelines provided by Google so that he/she may follow these steps to avoid any penalty or restriction from Google.
  • Hosting Response: For me, it is the core guideline for you because hosting response is everything for your blog, if your hosting response is low, obviously, page speed will be low and your content would be ranked low. Though it is one the factors that calculate your search engine ranking but if your hosting response is poor, doesn’t matter how many backlinks you have generated, you wouldn’t be able to gain top position in Google. Always try to choose a smart hosting company with easiest possible plan.
  • Top Content sharing Social Websites: There are many websites that offer you to share your content, sharing your content on social websites is also an art, take smart decisions by making your groups and then share your content daily, your members are your bread and butter so make a full use of it.
  • Bugs Free Development: A sharp website must be bug free though it is an odd job to do and most of the webmasters are unwilling to change coding but you have to be familiar whether your page speed is not affected by these bugs, if yes, then remove these bugs. You can hire an expert on upwork which is the world’s most authentic website to hire someone, when your coding is bug free then you can compete to your rivalry’s website. You can check page speed from Google Page speed insights and GTmetrix for free.

Whether you are sharp enough to carry on your SEO or not, if you follow these instructions, obviously you would find a way to gain maximum top positions in different search engines. SEO takes a lot of time and after being at top position for almost three months, your ranking is slowly knocked down but if your content gained top position by any of the above method, it will remain at top for a prolonged period.

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