How to Recover the Corrupted Hard Drive?

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Facing some technical issue with your system and data drive then read How to Recover the Corrupted Hard Drive? On the off chance that you have utilized Free Mounty NTFS instrument to Make your old hard drive perfect with Mac than its no big surprise that either your records have vanished or your gadget have been adulterated. Try not to stress, I was in indistinguishable condition from you. My documents additionally got vanished when I endeavored to utilize Mounty, I thought to try it out rather than paid programming so I can spare a few bucks. In any case, it was a major misstep. A misstep I perceived when my critical information got vanished. At the point when my information vanished at first, I froze hard, as that was just duplicate of my critical information that I would not like to lose, yet fortunately I realized that information never get erased from any drive, its solitary overwritten, so I thought there must be some approach to get it back and I was correct.

How to Recover the Corrupted Hard Drive?
How to Recover the Corrupted Hard Drive?

How to Recover the Corrupted Hard Drive?

  • After you log in to Window, Go to start menu and search for command prompt and open it.
  • Type chkdsk G: and press Enter. (Replace G with your device directory). A window will check the drive status in a few minutes and will show you the result, most probably you will see an error message.
  • After completion of the above step, use this command to fix the error: chkdsk /f G: (Don’t forget to replace G with device directory name). Now Window will search for errors and fix it.
  • Your files will be back at their original position. You can use them as you want.

I moved to Mounty site for help yet it just expressed by and large that you can recuperate information utilizing apparatuses. Apparatuses cost cash so I needed to discover another way. I attempted distinctive traps lastly discovered an exceptionally basic arrangement that worked. It worked for me and it will work for you as well. The main issue is that you going to require window PC as NTFS must be perused by the window and If you don’t have it, at that point you better introduce Window utilizing BootCamp. Try not to stress its simple.

In the event that you are fortunate and recovered your documents, at that point Good, if not then impart the issue to me in remarks and I might have the capacity to encourage you. BTW I don’t suggest utilizing Mounty once more. You may lose your records always, better purchase a paid programming or don’t utilize NTFS document drive on Mac by any means. Macintosh isn’t intended for it and custom hacks can cause potential issues in the future. You can reformat your drive to ExFat Format, an organization that is upheld by both MAC and Windows.

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