Siddhi Vinayak 22 November 2018 Written Update – Siddhi Kidnaps Urvashi

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Awesome Siddhi Vinayak 22 November 2018 Written Update. Urvashi is strained about Sheila. She never compromises only for it. It will be an issue in the event that she leaves Siddhi! I won’t have the capacity to wed Vin at that point. I should accomplish something! She packs her adornments and is dismal to say goodbye to Manjari’s neckband. I don’t think it is in my fate. Siddhi says Urvashi will go out stealthily to keep her Urvashi ties a saree on the gallery and plummets from that point. I will be back before anybody can discover anything.

Siddhi Vinayak 22 November 2018 Written Update
Siddhi Vinayak 22 November 2018 Written Update

Siddhi Vinayak 22 November 2018 Written Update

She gets Sheila’s instant message with a location. She chooses to go to this location and give her the cash at the present time. Give me a chance to get hitched first. I will handle her later. She sheets an auto yet is concerned about seeing the course. It is entirely detached. She achieves the said place and shouts to Sheila. She swallows seeing a blade streak in the light. I got gems for you. I didn’t have money. Simply don’t advise anybody to anything. Manjari gets some information about Urvashi. Gauri goes to her space to keep an eye on her.

Urvashi shouts to Sheila again as she inches nearer to the seat yet Siddhi holds up. Urvashi drops the pack in the stun. Why you are here? I! Siddhi says you need to state that you requested that Chota Raju seize me right. Chota Raju ventures forward. Siddhi shares that Chota Raju is her cultivate sibling. Chota Raju ridicules Urvashi. Siddhi says you got me seized and I influenced you to vanish from the house. It is your wedding in 2 days. In what manner will you wed my Vinu in the event that you yourself will get hijacked? Sheila blindfolds her from behind and even covers her mouth utilizing a fabric. Urvashi goes out. They influence her to sit on a seat.

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