Spark Drone Price and Specification

Spark Drone works in an elegant way and may be used to capture your best moments of your life. As compared to price it is considered very cheap because Spark is $499 which comparatively is low if you search related Mini Drones.

Spark Drone Price and Specification

Spark Drone Price and Specification

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Spark’s Specification

  • Flight Time : It can fly in air for at least 16 to 20 Minutes which is quite healthy for such a mini drone.
  • Transmission Distance : It can travel for 2 KMs or 1.2 Miles.
  • Speed : Speed of this mini drone is almost 50 KM/H
  • VPS Range : It is very useful to understand about VPS range it shows the distance of a controller and Drone, so you can give direction while living with in 30 M circle.
  • 12 MP Camera : It has 12 Mega Pixel camera to capture your videos and pictures.
  • Gimbal : It can travel while staying at horizontal level, It can move in 2- Axis.
  • Trace : Track your target from behind of Front.
  • Pano : It can automatically capture pictures horizontal or Vertical with it’s Gimbal and heading.
Drone NameCamera TypeResolutionMegapixels
DJI Mavic Pro
(Editor’s Choice)
Integrated with GimbalUpto 4k12 MP
DJI Special Phantom 4 Advanced Offer
(Editor’s Choice)
20 MP with CMOS SensorDepends on the Mounted CameraCamera Dependant
DJI Phantom 4Integrated with GimbalUpto 4k12 MP
DJI Inspire 1Integrated with GimbalUpto 4k12 MP

Usually there are two major types of drones one type that is known as with out camera preinstalled so you can put your own camera mount as per your own desire while other type of drone comes with elegant and high definition camera which means you can drive your feelings through your own way with high magnifying results, this camera can shoot almost up to 4K distance.

Now you can choose either of the drone and capture your videos and snaps, just click a button to start off and fly around your desired aerial place even if you standing on fifth or tenth floor of any building or standing on a mountain. If you are a photographer, film maker or film student (to cover your assignment) you ought to select high-end camera, drones enthusiast must be well aware of the price and specification of target drone so that they can easily swing to compare the price but when it comes to DJI, we all know that durability, consistency and quality comes along, so we would suggest you to go for DJI drones.

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