Stephanie Pratt Tweets about ”Poisonous” and ”Evil” Brother Spencer Pratt

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Stephanie Pratt tweeted on Twitter stating that she has been tired of protecting bad people from doing evils and she is no more interested to cope up the situation, though she has not mention any name but shared her views about Poisonous family members by blasting on Twitter and Instagram.

She blasted in her tweet claiming that she has been tired of the whole scenario, she throw arrows pointing to his brother “Spencer Pratt” and his wife “Heidi Montag”. As she didn’t mentioned names so it is so called a floating rumor.

Stephanie Pratt Tweets about ''Poisonous'' and ''Evil'' Brother Spencer Pratt
Stephanie Pratt Tweets about ”Poisonous” and ”Evil” Brother Spencer Pratt

She wrote “I have protected people over the evil things they have done – & I’m tired of it- tired of my parents living in denial. Time 2 tell the truth.” While she kept Spencer and Heidi’s name out of the original tweets, she didn’t hold back in her responses to her followers. One user wrote, “I just hope this isn’t about your brother. He has a good side too,” to which Stephanie responded, “No he doesn’t.”

Read about it:

Neither she or her brother has pointed on each other nor they gave a clue to a certain person, it was just a war of words and may be some kind of angry expression to deliver someone a message. Her brother wrote “can’t beef with peeps who have mental problems.” The angry tweets are just the latest bout of drama in the siblings’ rocky relationship.

For last couple of years though they have been observed little obsessed with their internal issues but there was nothing annoying to make it a part of life long dilemma.Stephanie said she only found out about the news on the internet. “It was on my birthday and I literally just saw it on my phone,” she revealed. “I was mad. I haven’t spoken to him since.” She continued, “I have a feeling [my whole family knew. I think I’m literally the only person who didn’t. I just felt really left out. I don’t feel part of my family.”

It may be a kind of little stress or some kind of internal war as we all assume one thing in different way, may be she expect some kind of more attention as she is unable to get and that might be a reason of being uncomfortable.

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