Targeleon Review

Targeleon Review

Targeleon is one the key company like Adsterra, Adhitz and UrbanityAd but the best thing about Targeleon is that it has premium method of monetization and sponsorship on the bases of high eCPM rate.

While comparing to Publishers point of view i was thinking that SponsoredReviews was the best choice for bloggers but i have compared to Targeleon, i found so many different features with can help Publishers to monetize more not only from Desktop users but also from mobile users. Adult traffic is another source which may boost your website with in some days, in comparison to industry analysis company offers high eCPM rate on weekly payouts with full rates.

Targeleon Review
Targeleon Review

Company claims a quality of work and also the level of sophisticated traffic driving on your website whether you have purchased it or you want to monetize through your own site, company has set several parameters to check the variety and authenticity of traffic, for this, different type of technology has been used to check these parameters.

You can get any kind of ad format whether it is direct url, banners (standard size, floating instant message, header or footer, full page),  pop under or popup, video ads, depending upon your own choice which can help you in a better way to earn money. Different size for banners and format will help you to keep your focus on target traffic.

In addition to different kinds of banners you would be glad that mobile apps is another option by which you can get more income by diverting your mobile traffic. It is also a fantastic feat of Targeleon.
  • Earning type is CPM
  • Withdrawal limit is $50
  • Minimum amount to withdraw is $50
  • Four Types of channels are used to withdraw your earning that are EPESE, Webmoney, Wire Transfer and PayPal
  • Head office is located in USA
  • Telephone information #+1(702) 626-0990
  • Email#contact@targeleon.com

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