The weekend is planning a trip with Selena Gomez on her 25th Birthday

Rumors about Salena Gomez and her BF The Weekend have been cleared now because her Boy Friend has presented a luxurious gift to her but details of presents are still undercover as we haven’t got any detail of it but as far as Selena Gomez is concern she is all about style and fashion,so the present would be up to her perception ’cause The Weekend knows a bit better than anybody else. He belated on her birthday because some of the guys finds trouble to sort out things properly specially when it comes to some personal or important festival or occasion.

The weekend is planning a trip with Selena Gomez on her 25th Birthday

The weekend is planning a trip with Selena Gomez on her 25th Birthday

Same is the case with The Weekend real name Abel Tesfaya but thanks God ! he knows exactly what Selena thinks, Its not Justin Bieber this time, Its The Weekend and he wants this lady badly. Since the Singer has spend most of his time on tours and couldn’t hold to get close to her GF so he finally decided to quite his long schedule to give her a surprise on her Birthday.

Now both have a good time to whisk away to celebrate belated 25th birthday on a sea shore away from boisterous and rough life. Being with a sweet partner like Selena Gomez, feels like a dream comes true. Now Abel is serious to plan a super romantic trip during his six week break.

While travelling he suddenly stopped at Beverly Hills and purchased two travel bags, one for himself and other for Selena Gomez and also dropped close to $20000 on the gift (details not available to us).

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Abel is a choosy star, he probably had selected a prime gift for her GF, but there is proper information about the surprise. He was excited to celebrate her birthday so he wrapped it with perfection after his prolonged tours where he mostly spend his time on travelling to different cities. Selena must be so thrilled with the gift and tour, as what girl wouldn’t love to be trotting around the globe with Chanel luggage, even if she is the face of Coach bags!

The “Hands to Myself singer clearly wanted her quarter century mark to be a mellow one, as even though it fell on a weekend — Saturday, July 22 — Selena Gomez has also been quite reckless after JB’s breakup but this little blow may bring her smile back. Though she has been an interesting character but some painful past will always follow you. Its not about romantic parties or being folded by friends at someone’s birthday, its about a time they would spend altogether because what important thing in life is to cheer up and be happy inside.

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