Top 10 Most Expensive Domain Names Ever

Top 10 Most Expensive Domain Names Ever

No doubt, the trend of buying and selling premium domain name is now increasing which is good sign for the future of information technology. Now investors likes to spend money on premium domain names, today we will discuss world Top 10 Most Expensive Domain Names Ever which are sold online & few of them direct as well. Mostly internet users have idea about buying domains from world famous and leading domain name providing companies like Name dot com and Go-daddy and many other by spending 9$ to 10$ approx. Few rich class and some serious online investors likes to purchase premium domain names to setup a great business online. Check out most expensive domains name ever in last couple of years, all domains are .com and list of world famous and top 10 expensive domain name sold ever is given below.

Top 10 Most Expensive Domain Names Ever
Top 10 Most Expensive Domain Names Ever

Top 10 Most Expensive Domain Names Ever

Insure dot com ($16 Million)

That premium domain name was purchased by world leading technology company which is Quin-street. That domain name is still on 1st place at the list of world most expensive domains sold ever, these days visitors can get unique ideas and quotas about life, vehicle, health insurance. Originally that deal was made in Dec. 2001 which is still most biggest deal in domain buying & selling business.

Fund dot com ($14.8 Million)

Now the owner of that domain is Gentile Philip, he belongs to America and that deal was made in 2008. Gentile Philip bought this premium domain name in March 2008 in 14.8 Million dollars which is 2nd expensive domain name sold ever. is not alive these days.

Fb dot com ($8.4 Million)

The official website of American Farm Bureau Federation was purchased by world most famous and leading social networking company Facebook in year 2010. These days that domain is redirected to the official website of Mark Zuckerberg which is Facebook.

Business dot com ($7.6 Million)

This is  a most amazing business search engine which provide all business directories and other useful information as well. That website was founded in year 1999 by former chairmen of Walt Disney Internet company Mr. Jake WineBaum. After 8 years, world leading company sold to an other famous internet company named as “Yellow Pages” for 346 million dollars.

Diamond dot com ($7.4 Million)

In year 2006 was sold at same rate of, but the rate of $ was slight lower in year 2006 instead of year 2008, that’s why that domain name is listed blow. This is now world leading online jewelry shop/store.

Beer dot com ($7.1 Million)

beer dot com was sold out in January 2004 for 7.0 million dollars, the buyer name is Thought Convergence LLC world lergest online selling company. This website is also offline and no one can purchase any thing.

Isreal dot com ($5.87 Million)

A 46 years old Jewish American bought that domain in year 1994 to prevent any kind of misuse with the name of isreal. Now this site is in working condition and register on the name “Joel Noel Friedman”.

Casion dot com ($5.56 Million)

In 2003, Mansion Limited of Gibraltar official company purchased that premium domain name in year 2003 for the worth of 5.56 million dollar.

Slots dot com ($5.47 Million)

Bodog Media (company) purchased this premium domain in June 2010 for the worth of 5.47 million dollars. Now in working condition and serves too many gambling games and slot games as well.

Toys dot com ($5.11 Million)

Not the last but least, is placed on 10th position at most expensive domains sold ever. This premium domain was purchased by toys RUs for 5.11 Million dollars. Now a days, this domain is famous as world most famous and leading toys and games selling website/company.

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