Top 10 Pakistani IT Companies

Top 10 Pakistani IT Companies

PSEB (Pakistan Software Export Board) is the sole authority to monitor IT-related companies working in Pakistan with the collaboration of Telecommunication of Pakistan and the Ministry of IT, each year it awards the top 10 IT companies in recognition of their exceptional work and services provided worldwide. If you want to buy a laptop, smartphone, headphones or something else, you must visit needs guide blog reviews and then buy it online.

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Top 10 Pakistani IT Companies
Top 10 Pakistani IT Companies

Pakistan is considered one the prominent Freelancing country based on IT professionals and ranked on 4th place worldwide, every year more than 1billion dollars are earned through different sources in Pakistan.MOITT aims that PSEB is liable to maintain IT industry in it’s growth in Pakistan. More than 2000 software companies are working in Pakistan and its growth has expanded by more than 11 times over the past ten years with more than 30 to 40 percent of growth every year.


1. NETSOL Technologies Inc.

NETSOL Technologies Inc. was the first Pakistani IT company listed in NASDAQ in 1999 as the company provides high-quality standard of software products and other IT related issues by assisting financial and leasing asset finance companies in more than 30 countries. The company provides services like a Business consultants, independent body and information security.

2. Systems Limited

Systems Limited is the second leader in IT industry of Pakistan which also provides same kind of services across the globe with massive success rate. Services are mainly focused upon the BPO solutions, software development and consultancy. Company is widely working in different countries but Europe,Asia,Middle East and United States of America are the major countries on which the company is working on.

3. S&P Global Pakistan

Area of concern for S&P Global Pakistan is different as compared to top two rated companies because S&P is mainly concerned with gathering of information and to process it accordingly and providing them suitable solutions to resolve the issues.

4. Teradata

Just like S&P Teradata isalso providing business solutions, architectural solutions and financial analytics. The company has more than 1400 customers operating in more than 77 countries. Company is offering it’s services to telecommunication companies, banks, insurance and health companies. transportation and manufacturing companies. List of customers include Cisco, Philips, eBay, Volvo and PayPal.

5. TRG Pakistan

TRG Pakistan is one the leading group working for IT solutions, investments, outsourcing, and also specialized in business, investments and financial consultancy decisions that also provides growth, capital investments,technology and analytical resources to world wide.

6. Medical Transcription Billing Co.

MTBC is actually a USA based health care IT solution having a subsidiary in Pakistan. Company is associated with medical billing and consultancy services along with business intelligence and medical transportation. In order to main international health care and to improve the health of People of Pakistan, company is working on it’s aim 24 hours a day with cost effective technological solutions. Number of satisfied customers are more than 10000. especially in USA.

7. Ovex Technologies

If we consider BPO( Business Process Outsourcing) as offshore then Ovex technologies are providing a handy role here to provide IT services along with business tact and much more variety of establishing more than 700 highly qualified trained personnel working 24 hours a days. Emerging effects are supremely effective as company has won 2nd place in RCCI ICT awards 2016 along with PSEB IT award too.

8. i2c Pakistan

When it comes to credit, debit and prepaid programs I2C delivers it all through it’s global variety of financial and business assistance. Company’s aim is to provide experience in eCommerce through digital integration.


LMKR is one the Pakistan’s leading petroleum technology company with modified magnitude of  extensive exploration and production software solutions. Extensive part includes analytics software, modeling, E&P services, consultancy and mobile technology. Company is operating in more than 80 countries across the world.

10. Mentor Graphics

Electric design automation (EDA) is another platform where Mentor Graphics has done it tremendously well for last few years. Company provides assistance to manufacture better industry products with lot of modern improvements in quick possible time. Company’s products provides an mentor to Automotive EE designs, EPFA, embedded software, ESL designs, consultancy services and mechanical analysis.

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