How to Transfer Files From Computer to Smart Phone via Wi-Fi

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In my previous article i have shared a trick to hide your hard drive using DOS now i would add another trick that will surely add value in to your knowledge. It is quite easy to transfer files through Bluetooth but what if you want to transfer files from computer to smart phone without USB, cable or Bluetooth, it seems quite hard but windows allows you to share your data where you have to use pair to pair connection which looks pretty complex and wire connection sometimes cause a reason of disturbance. To avoid from such situations we are going to share a trick that can help you to transfer your data from computer to smart phone via Wi-Fi.There are different kinds of software used to transfer data most of them are not free therefore i would urge you to go for this.

How to Transfer Files From Computer to Smart Phone via Wi-Fi
How to Transfer Files From Computer to Smart Phone via Wi-Fi

Open Filedropme:

There is a website which may help you to share your data called filedropme. All you need is to download that software on your computer and smart phone, it will require access to your mobile,provide the initial information and then send drop your data in to the folder from your computer, your data would automatically be shared on your mobile. For this purpose you don’t need any kind of third device.

Your computer will show your mobile access like above picture, you need to drop your pictures and files here as mentioned in above stated snap. It is very easy to share your data without any wire or data cables, you can share your data with your computers like this by installing this software on your computers, it has solved so many issues that we had faced in past. I hope this trick will help you a lot.

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