UBL Wiz Internet Visa Debit Card Features

UBL Wiz Internet Visa Debit Card Features

We can’t apply for any personal or business PayPal account in Pakistan because PayPal account is not allowed in Pakistan, that decision is made by the CEO of PayPal dot com. What are the main reasons behind this? it really hard & tough to describe with all of you. Don’t worry and read that amazing and helpful post which will guide you to “how to purchase online products” by using united bank limited Wiz internet card. With that amazing & incredible wiz card, anyone in Pakistan can buy website hosting from world best hosting companies like “Go Daddy” and much. They can buy their favorite and premium domain name in dot com as well. United Bank Limited introduce their amazing debit card, almost 1st every in the history of Pakistan. All credit goes to UBL marketing management & staff team. I got that amazing debit card and now start sharing to all, because many people have not too much idea about online shopping like buying domains & valuable hosting without PayPal account. Check out UBL Wiz Internet Visa Debit Card Features first and then apply for an account;

UBL Wiz Internet Visa Debit Card Features
UBL Wiz Internet Visa Debit Card Features

In these days, the charm of Payoneer is also impressive, if you want to learn about How To Get Payoneer Master Card then its really awesome and that will help you to verify your PayPal account in Pakistan with your Payoneer account. Although Payoneer procedure is complicated a bit, then i will recommend UBL wiz card to get and use for your online shopping purpose in all over the world. That ideal post can help all Pakistani bloggers who wants to buy online domains and many other important things as well. The detailed topic is given below step by step, with proper snapshot.

Working of UBL WIZ Card?
I knew that all newbies likes to get quick answers of their important questions, like how any person can get a wiz card without UBL account? Don’t worry and the best answer of above question is that, United Bank limited will open an automatic single virtual A/C of every person individually with a common branch code might be 1993 or something else. Now your virtual account is associated with UBL WIZ card and all statement and transactions can be monitor through your virtual account as well. Remember that, your Wiz card must have a important logo of VISA, which indicates that users can buy any thing and withdraw from any ATM’s in all over the world. Some terms and conditions and rates are applied on every new WIZ card and also yearly basis as well.

Benefits of UBL VISA Card?
The main advantage of ubl visa card is its very quick response and easy in usage in all over the world. There is no documentations are required at all during application. I would like to share its account and card getting process as well. Simply visit your nearest united bank limited branch and get your wiz card by paying 100 Pakistani rupees with your original ID photo copy. Maximum time of card activation is required almost 24 hours, so you have to pay small amount and get your ubl visa Debit card now.

Valid for E-Currency A/C
First you have to get unique information about E-currency account, actually these accounts are online and opened online by using their official websites like Payza and PayPal (UN-verified). You can get your Payza online account verified by using UBL wiz card. The information about getting PayPal account with UBL visa card is not verified, so you can use that card information on your own risk. Important note in that section is that your PayPal account can be blocked any time, so don’t take any risk at all.

Application Process?
Oh its really easy process to apply for that card, here is complete detail to get your own UBL debit card within few hours. First get copy of your national identification card copy and visit UBL any branch in your city or nearest your home. You have to choose an option of three types card, which type of card you want? Ladies card, which is only for women’s and girls, Teen card which is valid and good for students and travel or business card which is perfect for all bloggers and online workers. Children’s card which mean teen card can be issued for all years children like under 16 as well. For adults, you have to provide two CNIC copies and residence proof as well.

Want to Upload Money?
No issue, simple way to upload money is to visit any bank, preferably is UBL and submit an form with amount which you want to upload in your card and get your money within few minutes. Don’t forgot to get uploaded amount receipt at all, somehow your card is not upload then you have to provide payments proof, i think statement is best for that. After reading “UBL Wiz Internet Visa Debit Card Features” you feel secure yourself.

Card Fees?
UBL visa cards frees are divided as per card category. All cards have same rate plans, new card in 100/- pk rupees and withdraw from Pakistani banks ATM’s free is 116 which is 1.25$ and additionally bank will charge 15 rupees as well. International and withdraw from other country like India, USA and UK then it will charge 310 rupees, 3$ per transactions. In UBL Wiz Internet Visa Debit Card Features, newbies can find important information about its rates etc.

Limits are amazing, that’s the best and big advantage of that card, you can upload more then 2000$ which is 200000 in pk rupees in your business & travel wiz card. Teens card have 200$ limit and ladies can upload 500$ which is 50000 in pk currency.

Online Support and Statements?
Your all problems and issues can be solved on your one call, you can get all information and help online by visiting UBL official website CLICKHERE. You can order monthly statements as well. Don’t worry about online support and statements because this is really easy and simple at all. You can collect all information by visiting any branch in Pakistan. The main purpose of “UBL Wiz Internet Visa Debit Card Features” is to provide some useful information about these kind of extra offers in Banks.

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