How to Use Facebook Ads for Social Media Marketing

How to Use Facebook Ads for Social Media Marketing

After the success of facebook dot com, facebook ads has been well know source of dragging genuine traffic on your blog with lowest possible rate. Your startup business with facebook ads will quickly refill its traffic quota within few minutes. Probably you would be surprised to know that face-book has become world’s largest social media network for last decay and its members are in billions now. You can engage your blog with potential customers by utilizing low rates. Now you can use facebook ads for the purpose of increasing page likes, website traffic, clicks and page reach(number of times visitors click on your website’s link to visit your page).

How to Use Facebook Ads for Social Media Marketing
How to Use Facebook Ads for Social Media Marketing

How to Use Facebook Ads for Social Media Marketing

To boost your website traffic, fb ads are the best alternate solution to increase your website’s popularity. It is effective and cheap in price as compared to “Google Adwords” per visit or click. Once your traffic has been increased through facebook, Google will automatically increase your worth, domain authority which will also help you to increase page worth. Your new post would automatically be ranked higher on Google first page. Believe me, there would be no link building required to rank your page if you have used this option. Last but not the least, it has low rate with easy clicking option where you can advert your blog with successful campaign. The more you spend the better amount of traffic you can generate.

Facebook Ads Rate

One of the most possible reasons of choosing facebook ads is that it has cheap price as compared to any other promoting platforms like Yahoo and Google. You can choose whatever you want, even a price of USD $0.10 can be set for your ads campaign.

How to place Facebook Ads?
You need to follow step by step process stated as under.

Create Ads:Just login to your account and click on drop down menu stated as under and choose “Create Ads” option here. Choose the objective for your campaign: Here you have to choose your campaign by clicking on following steps stated in below picture. “Send people to your website” is the best option to promote your blog, you don’t need to click on “Promote your page” because it will help you to increase your facebook page.
CREATE YOUR AD CAMPAIGN: Here is a blog to help you which would allow you to start your own campaign.
CREATE YOUR AD ACCOUNT: Choose your own desired country and specific time zone, it will pick up time automatically, however you can also change it as per your desire.
CREATE YOUR AD SET: Most important step that would allow you to choose your desired location of your traffic, you can choose any country of your own choice with target city however rate would automatically be changed. Look at the picture, it is showing potential read of almost 12M if you want to spend more money on it. You can choose age filter, interest and behavior for your target display. Your ads would be displayed to those restricted people as per your desire.
How much do you want to spend: Probably the most important question which facebook inquire about, it will depend upon your total budget. Suppose i have chosen Rs.250 as total budget and my read would be from 42000 t0 110000 visitors per day depending upon my plan. If you want to choose a schedule option, don’t hesitate to select your target day and time. It will show “start” and “end” option, it means your ads will be displayed between these days on facebook. If you choose “click” option in “optimize For” option then you would be charged higher because click rate is high as compared to “Per Impressions”.

I would suggest you to go for per impression choice because it would help you to drag more traffic. Number of times your ads has been displayed to facebook visitors is known as per impression on facebook that will bring a good traffic for you. If you click on “per click” option that will charge you high rate plus one visitor who clicked on your site perhaps may visit or not. I usually choose “per impression” option.

CREATE YOUR AD: This option would help you to show your ads, how it would be displayed to facebook users. Click on “A single image or video in your ads” option because it is a standard format, if you want to click on “Multiple images in one ad” that is also a good option to attract visitors. Different visitors will see you ads with different but random images.
What text and links do you want to use: Here you can choose your text and links, facebook will automatically choose your first two lines of your page in text box. You can even change title and text as per your own choice. Last option is to click on “Place Order” and pay through your own payment channel.

How can you pay for Facebook ads?

You can only pay through your paypal and credit card for buying facebook ads. A verified paypal can be used here which is however, difficult to make while living in Pakistan as Paypal is banned in Pakistan. Don’t be surprised because many banks are offering Master/Visa card in Pakistan that will also work for you to buy facebook ads. You can choose UBLWiz card or MCB Lite for this purpose if you are living in Pakistan. If you know exactly about your traffic especially about the taste of readers, you can match here with your facebook traffic. It will help you in following ways.

  • It will boost your page likes
  • Page reach would be genuine
  • You have more visitors on your blog
  • Constant way of earning
  • Increase page worth along with Website worth
  • Page density is increased
  • Google ads more value to your website
  • Your all pages are ranked quickly in search engines without SEO
  • All posts would be sticky in Google
  • Permanent way of ranking your website’s alexa

Facebook ads allow you to choose any country of your own choice with lowest possible budget. It is so easy that a kid can run these ads successfully without being panic. I would recommend you to go for High paying keyword in order to earn quickly. If your content is fresh on such keywords, you would probably catch up huge traffic on your blog in few months. I would suggest you to follow these steps to start your facebook ads campaign.

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