VADpay network Review

VADpay network Review

Though VADpay is a baby network in this industry but it has marvelous start up which has attracted many webmasters either for advertiser or publishers. It also provides different kinds of opportunities to their users so advertise through most secured way of advertising your products or websites. You can target your visitors through Demographic, Site category, Geographic, keyword and site directory. It would hardly take 10 minutes to introduce your site to different users.

VADpay network Review
VADpay network Review

Users have different options to do, they may find selected ad type, for the moment company is offering you Text ads and Graphical ads only but it is lot easier to target your audience, if you are and advertiser you can select your own budget that can suit your requirements, enter you ads and your ads would be displayed on different functional websites.


  • Earning type is through per 1000 Impression or click
  • Withdraw on weekly bases
  • Withdraw $10 minimum
  • You can use Moneybookers, alertpay, Wiretransfer and Paypal
  • Head office is located in USA

When we talk about Publishers then only one thing comes in mind first that is how to earn money from my website which is no doubt, a serious question for all webmasters after several years of hard work and patience. We have many companies, above all, Google Adsense provides higher rates as compared to all but if you can’t follow Google webmaster guidelines then you don’t need to worry about it as we have more than 700 networks right today that would help you to earn easy money. You can even make $100 a day without any trouble. Though we have Google Adsense alternative today but role of VADpay is simply marvelous, it is paying 75% of its revenue to their publishers which is indeed a huge margin, you can get money for each click or every 1000 impression.

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