How to Verify Adsense Account Without Pin?

How to Verify Adsense Account Without Pin?

To create adsense after starting your blog successfully, is the ultimate objective of earning through online sources. As per cost per click(CPR) rate and estimated amount of earning, Google adsense is the best choice of beginners therefore you must apply for Google ad-sense first. Once you have applied for Google Adsense , place your ads in your blog and wait up to 10 $ because you would be capable to sent your confirmation code at your desired address. Usually it take at least 20 days to receive your Google pin code. Letter holds a simple strip on front where Google company name is written. Google needs confirmation of account activation process through your verified postal address therefore you have to write it in exact pattern by stating your street number, house number with postal code. If you don’t know how to create Google ad-sense then find our relevant search here to apply for your Adsense.

How to Verify Adsense Account Without Pin?

If you are unable to receive your pin in three attempts, Google will now verify your address through stated below options.

  • Bank Statement
  • Driving License
  • Passport
  • National Identity Card
  • Utility Bills

Or any other document stating your name with address and holds international authentication for verification process. After few hours, you will receive an email with “Google Adsense Pin Verification” link where you would be able to upload your desired documents. Remember that your National Identity Card name and address must be written in English so that your reviewed attempt must be verified in single attempt otherwise it would be rejected again.

Yet not activated my Adsense through Pin number

If you have not received any pin number, your ads service will be blocked with in 6 months starting from your first attempt. If you have attempted for second time, Ads serving will be stopped with in two months. Now you might be in trouble if unable to apply and verify your Adsense, you don’t need to worry about it because there are many Google Adsense alternatives which can not only give you a better rate but also can improve you financially. Some of them are stated as under;

How to Verify Adsense Account Without Pin?
How to Verify Adsense Account Without Pin?
  • BuySell Ads (one thousand visitors per day)
  • (Yahoo Ads)
  • Adsterra
  • Adhitz
  • Infolinks
  • Adcash
  • Bidvertiser

Now its time to compare it with Google adsense through traffic, CPC and estimated earnings. There would be slight difference in adsterra and Adsense but BuySell ads have much higher rate as compared to any other advertising company including Google Adsense. Bloggers can find some premium ad-networks for Google adsense replacement, check out gigacpmvinteo ad-network for better CPM rates.

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